Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Fucking hell.

Nana is losing her mind, her warden left a voicemail:

"She keeps putting her bra on over her jumper"

Is this how we have to go out? Who we are slipping away out of our heads, forgetting the basics but remembering the war; full of stories but no life?

The worse bit is she knows what she's losing and it induces a blind panic as she rages against the light.

Love you, miss you, hope peace finds its way into your heart.


  1. Hello Daniel,
    Enjoyed your blog and today's comment really hit home as I lost my dad back in March to Alzheimers. It is unnerving to see the ones we know get lost, but it helped me to just "love what is".
    Will also pray the journalist is released.

    Do come visit.....Jinks.

  2. My mother's 82, and she's starting to worry about herself as well.

    How we go out isn't important. It's how we live the rest of our lives that matter.


  3. Selfishly makes me sad and scared for what awaits my future.

  4. I'm sorry to hear it. I think losing your mind is the absolute scariest thing that can happen.

  5. My grandmother, in her early 90s, would read passages from her Daniel Steele novels as if they were scripture.

  6. I wish you both peace. There's a fine line between autonomy and self-endangerment when people begin slipping into dementia. Good luck.

  7. Thanks for the thoughtful comments and sharing your experiences.



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