Monday, 4 June 2007

Not Quite An Angel...

But pretty bloody close.

I love you.


  1. Now that's a beautiful woman. I had a smartass comment but I just forgot it....

    Daniel, is something wrong w/ the lower half of her? Does she have wooden blocks for legs? A peg leg?

    What's the catch here?

  2. She is very lovely.

    One question, tho..Is her head really as small compared to your huge melon dome as the first picture suggests?

    Jeebus Christmas, it looks like you could grab her in one hand and climb the Empire State Building...


  3. BP: yes, I am a freak, my head is massive and whenever we take pics I have to stand 2 metres behind her so I'm in perspective.

    Such is the life of a giant...

  4. Thankyou my darling.
    I like how big you are. You make me feel all little and dainty!
    (An accomplishment considering I'm almost 6ft myself!)

    PS...size does matter! ;-p


  5. You know I don't usually comment, but I felt I needed to say, what a lovely girl, Daniel. I love how she looks so different in every picture. She has a bright future.


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