Monday, 25 June 2007

Sporadic Internet Access

There is something very wrong about the above image but I can't quite put my finger on it...

Internet is hard to come by at the moment, apologies about that, more videos of me in action should be up and coming soon and I am fully clothed in them and my hair is massive.

Thanks for all the positive feedback regarding the commercials, makes me feel less of a whore. Better shoot as only got 7 mins of Internet time left.

Be seeing you!


  1. What's that clergyman doing in your house, man?

  2. There's something very wrong about the tree person on the wall dressed in festive hunter chic in the image.....

  3. I'm not getting anything disturbing from this shot. Although I'm not enjoying the bloke's trousers, nor his `tucked in' shirt/tight thin belt decision-making.

    Are you rather rich now?

  4. whats with comment moderation? I remember reading the reasons here long ago! but isn't time to end that? c'mon man, open up!

    Now, I also think this picture signals something discomforting. Hmmmm, maybe because that guy in black looks like a priest! a catholic priest close to child is not always a comforting thought, but that is just me!

  5. great acting - I cant even tell Which one is you!


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