Saturday, 16 June 2007

The Train Was Quite Busy...

The young man stormed through, it was clear that he didn't like it, how half-full the train was. As he despaired at the half-fullness of the train he began to punch the walls and flail his arms about whilst screaming.

His father looked weary, used to these out bursts no doubt, most people pretended not to notice the teenager with dark hair going ape-shit, smashing his fists red raw against the train carriage. Some people looked scared.

The young man turned to me and screamed:


I looked at him and smiled, holding back the riposte: "Yeah, £18.70." Small victory rebutting a child with learning difficulties.

No one offered to give up their seat to alleviate his woe, including me, his father had to smother him to contain his rage, his tired face as his own son hit him will take some time to leave me.


  1. That can't be easy to deal with :/ Poor kid probably doesn't realize that his outbursts make it even more difficult to be able to take him into public. Glad the dad had the courage to do it anyway because no one should have to sit around their house constantly

  2. Wai: thanks for the constructive feedback you asshat. I fuck you first.

    Irish: Agreed!


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