Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Trent Bridge

Staring out across the great river, watching the ducks navigate something that my dad always told me was a great place to kill yourself, yet they made it look so safe.

“Hidden currents” he would say mysteriously “suck you under, even the strongest swimmers”. Dad couldn’t swim of course.

A place for us, with the water, the blue sky, the City Ground and Trent Bridge in the distance; with the Green Line buses streaming over it: the 6, the 7/7a and of course the number 10 to Ruddington. Looking down at the floor, at the old railings all rusty, the lucky houses that had a great view in exchange for the danger of serious flooding and your shoes. It was home wasn’t it?

I remember when I asked us to go back and pay a visit, we never got round to it, which is typical. Perhaps best we didn’t, only good things rest there.

I love Trent Bridge, I love the memories, even if sometimes they make me sad but I never want to go back there.


  1. Viewing your blog for the first time your Trent Bridge entry struck a cord. You may know I grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland. At weekends my family would often explore the foreboding coastline that surrounds the region. Much of this exploration consisted of perilous cliffs in remote spots. As I would peer out, exhilarated, over the edge of the cliff my parents (like your dad standing with you at Trent Bridge) ‘always told me it was a great place to kill yourself’. Firstly, I question why parents think it appropriate to regularly highlight to their offspring the options available when taking your own life. Secondly, I wonder if the places we find most gut wrenchingly awe inspiring are those, from which point, your mortality is most highlighted. I am sure the former will be answered for me when I start to reproduce.

  2. Thanks for that comment Alexis, real joy to read your story, glad to see my dad is not alone in predicting suicide.

  3. It always was a good place to jump from,mind you a few years back a mate of mine bust his ankles jumping off it to cool down on a hot summers day,Ya gotta clear the piers if your gunna jump off.


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