Thursday, 14 June 2007

UK Media is a Feral Beast Don’t You Know?

Like a slow motion controlled demolition, as Tony Blair slowly collapses from power he keep shooting out plumes of verbal dust; this time his target is the British media who has kindly referred to as a ‘feral beast’.

I always saw the UK media as a two-faced, neutered, mutant cow with massive udders swollen with the milk of tedium. This feral beast that the Prime Minister refers to I only see when there is a witch-hunt over some minor celebrity, or a national fuss over a member of the Royal Family or perhaps whenever England loses at football. Paedophiles also seem to bring out the frothing, feral creature in the British press, that and Asylum Seekers…

Certainly, the drive for sales means that Blair is to some degree correct, truth and fact go out the window for a story that’ll sell papers or get people clued to the 24-hour news spam; apologies for inaccuracy are in small print next to the classified ads.

However, the content is mostly trivial, celebrity or titillation obsessed and all this feral activity is wasted in the endless search for mindless tat for us to get our knickers in a twist over. If only some of that vigour, aggressiveness and determination could be focused on issues that really matter: New Labour’s infringements into our civil liberties; the Middle East; the escalation of conflict with Iran; the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan; child poverty in the UK; the list goes on.
A quick scan of the UK papers today brings back the endless recycling of the Madeleine McCann farce, immigration and a mum murdering her daughters. Only two newspapers run decent articles, on the deterioration of the situation in the Gaza Strip and the impact of a world without oil.

Where all this is leading of course is censorship, or as the politicians call it, regulation. This should be fought tooth and nail, as we already suffer with an unresponsive press that doesn’t hold our government to account for its actions; any external controlling body would only further restrict its ability to serve its purpose as a watchdog for the people.


  1. And the fucking sad part of it all is that compared to what passes for journalism over here, the UK media is an improvement.


  2. As I read your blog, I am watching the South Park episode that revolves around the Comedy Central's refusal to air an image of Mohammed in The Family Guy. South Park is the future.

  3. Ah yes, but you are assuming that the Great British Public are interested in the same news topics you are. You put great weight on the Middle East or Iraq or some other foreign country that means zilch to most people. You forget that we are an island race and by nature we are quite insular and introspective.

    Whenever the radio or TV news headlines announce "Bomb goes off in Kabul" I'll often shout random London places at the radio to mask the location, so it sounds like "Bomb goes off in Catford". I do this because there was a time when UK news got the headlines and all the foreign stuff had its own slot towards the end of the bulletin, but now it is all sluiced up. Anyway, it keeps me entertained...

    As for the press being feral, it always has. It is the nature of the beast and has someone who has worked at the shit end of the stick, it's not all lollipops and lavendar-scented. However, people often rail against the papers and its obssession with triviality, but the UK media is just reflecting what the UK public wants. This goes back to my rant about our culture of the shallow and self-obsessed.

    And yes, my skills with PhotoShop are ace. I used to write tutorials in mags for that a while back.

  4. BP: agreed, it is all relative.

    Darren: I think you posted a good, long comment on this and it has gone missing.

    Sorry, if you get inspired, re-post it so we can debate like bitches.

  5. It's not just Middle East Darren, it is issues of worldwide importance; insular and introspective is not really a good enough attitude is it?

    Agree that to a degree the media gives the people what it wants, we are suffering from universal apathy and ignorance but the media and other forms of communication can fight this tide.


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