Friday, 8 June 2007

Very Public Displays of Affectation

(I'm not hotlinking by the way, I'd never commit such a sin but just love the image and the phrase underneath, kinda' seems appropriate)

It's easy to get suckered in, easy to be dragged down into posturing, empty, brutal bullshit. Can't believe it's taken me this long to see it.

How sad to use affection as a weapon, exchanging images and displays of love like strutting peacocks firing fecal pellets in a phoney war: "I'm more in love than you!" - the avian plop piles through the internet air - "NO! I'm more loved up than you are!" - winged ass beads are returned in rapid fire, a vulgar display of nothingness.

Parading love and affection like it's a toy, how can it be true and precious when it's used as a means of one-upmanship? There's celebration and then there is masturbation but it seems to me that you're wanking off a fake cock.

You get me?

As Bob Dylan said when he heard the cry of Judas:

"I don't believe you..."


  1. I keep waiting for Big Nutbrown Hare to say, "You're right. I don't love you that much."

  2. LL: Now that would be telling wouldn't it? A pair of fakes I have the misfortune of knowing...

  3. Is this a real entry or one of your creative writing exercises? And by the way, I'm more in love than all of you! :-)

    The other night I had a dream about you HG. Don't worry, it was a weird one and not one of those ones where boys strip off and wrestle naked and playfight. In this dream, I needed a new kidney and I knew that you'd be able to find me a spare. However, you only had a spare liver and all your friends would only give away their lungs. I never did get the replacement kidney and we spent a lot of time wandering around a rather large piazza, it felt like Italy as all the people in the dream were rather svelt and beautiful - I was a little wary of you as you insisted of walking with your arm across my shoulder and squeezing my neck in an over affectionate manner. I had that dream on the last night of my holiday and woke up feeling confused and vaguely abused.

    Ain't dreams weird?

  4. Darren: it's real man, inspired by real people anyway.

    I'm quite chuffed I featured in your dream, is that wrong?

  5. If i remember correctly from your myspace you have been declaring your love for a certain person for months with evidence in the form of pictures or words i.e you kissing or this is for Eva Jane, is this blog about your self? because otherwise it seem very hypocritical don't you think?

  6. Hello anon coward, in future leave details please.

    Hypocritical? Not at all, the post was a reflection on two individuals and their fraudelent love affair which had as much to do with love as two dogs fucking.

    Read between the lines closely...

  7. If it is so about two individuals, who are you to say what is fraudelent or not!Do you actulay know the people you speak off? some how i dont think so. Also i dont need to read between the lines it just sound hypocrictal to me!

  8. Visiting via Eva-Jane's blog, spending 20 minutes here and bad spelling, I have a nasty feeling that this is CJ being anon.

    I hope I'm wrong because that would mean that once again you're bothering us after numerous requests not to.

    This is the final warning.

  9. No this is not cj! where do you get off on thinking you can write blogs about people but people cant have there say back. you dont even know the people you are talking about. are you a man or a mouse this is the final warning ha. dont write about people if you dont want them to reply. why did you write this blog? was it to make your self feel better about your amazing love that you have? Bad spelling i dont care! i just thought this blog was hypocritcal thats all and it is here for public viewing and i am a member of the public am i not? so there for i can comment. and if you dont like the comments delete it. because its very negative i thought you was a nice peaceful person

  10. I can write what I want, I know the people and know them well enough to share my thoughts on the matter, you have a right to shout your mouth off but you don't know them do you?

    Your logic is as flawed as your spelling, I don't back anon cowards so if you're leaving more comments you troll then leave email and other details, otherwise you lose your right to comment on my blog.

    You don't know me, at least I hope you don't because you clearly have a flawed world view.