Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Child Gate Blues

Rehearsing for Coast to Coast at Mark's house means navigating a whole raft of child gates located around the place to stop baby Billy tumbling down stairs (even though he is very good at holding my hand and sliding down them on his bum).

Got me thinking that I wish there was a massive child gate you could buy, to keep subhuman scum from bothering you. Not that I'm into gated communities, just that keeping people behind bars is a lot easier than having them killed.


  1. We were never much into those gates. We had a couple for the first kid, but gave up after that...
    Glad to hear the rehearsal is going so well. Wish I could catch a show!

  2. I understand gates, but I'm strongly anti-child-leash.

    Though I agree with you about keeping people behind bars, our prison system in California is a veritable death trap. I might be able to keep two toddlers away from gnawing on extension cords, but it's a little trickier to prevent them from gnawing on each other.


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