Friday, 13 July 2007

Coast to Coast: The Madness Begins!

The blog must now take a back seat as the full-on hardcore madness of Coast to Coast is soon to be underway! HURRAH!

On Monday I go up to Manchester to start rehearsals for two weeks (I'll update when I can on how that goes, if Mark lets me near his modem that is...) and then at the start of August up to Edinburgh for the Festival. If anyone is popping to Scotland at all during the month of August for the Festival lunacy, then please do pop along and show your support. However if you can't make it up, we are touring through 2007 and 2008 so hopefully ya'll get to see it.

Here is the trailer of the show for your viewing pleasure, look out for my ridiculous head twitch...

If you need anymore convincing (surely not) then here is the offical press release pitch of what Coast to Coast promises you, my dear, sweet reader...

Before their international tour (we’re going to Wales), Coast to Coast comes to the Underbelly for this years Edinburgh fringe festival.

2007 BBC Alfred Bradley prize winner Mark Whiteley collaborates with Daniel Hoffmann-Gill (whose only prize is his 25 metres swimming badge) to tell Coast to Coast, the amazing story of walking 216 miles across Great Britain.

Walking from Bangor in Wales (they had a lovely time) to Boston in Lincolnshire (inland port, not so lovely) with no money, no food and no where to sleep, their only currency was a 90 minute comedy/storytelling show and it had to be good otherwise they’d starve. They did not starve but they did come very close to dying in Cerrigydrudion (it was lambing season).

They met many fascinating people: John who spoke directly with God via an Etch-a-Sketch, street sleeper Danny who taught them how to forage for food in the skip behind Lidl and Weird Doug...who was just weird. Along the way they were attacked by insects, re-created a scene from The Clockwork Orange with a local journalist and learnt the joy of hotbagging.

Using story telling, stand-up comedy and video diary footage from their odyssey, we discover the funny, touching and sometimes scary truth about being at the mercy of the kindness of strangers. This innovative show will entertain, educate and hopefully encourage a little bit more adventure in the world.

The duo’s former work includes Thick as Thieves, the critically acclaimed comedy based on the pair’s youth offending past in crime-ridden Nottingham that toured nationally for four years.

What more could you wish for?

Great times at the moment, as not only am I involved in Coast to Coast but Eva-Jane is back from her holiday and I just finished filming a pilot for a new film news/review TV show.

I'll blog when I can from the belly of the Coast to Coast beast, love and respect to you all!


  1. while you're in manchester, please pop in to see my work at the Centre for the Urban Built Environment (CUBE). i haven't seen it myself yet and i'd love to know how it looks.
    break a leg with coast to coast (in the theatrical sense - not some hidious road-related accident).

  2. The second largest Fringe Festival is in Minneapolis. This year I'm volunteering. Last year I produced Sentir Venezulano, a Venezuelan folkloric dance show.

  3. lemme get this straight--you're doing a performance based upon your earlier experiences while you were performing?

    I think I'll wait to see you in the movie about this.

    No--I think I'll wait to see you in the musical of that movie.

    Oh! I got it: I'll wait for the podcast of your lecture based on your book about the musical about the film version of your performance about your experiences of the original walk.



  4. I haven't been by the site for quite some time. I checked out the trailer and it looks like the show's going to be pretty cool. Congratulations on surviving your cross-country adventure

  5. Best of luck with it mate,you n Mark had us in tutts with the Big Adventure so i know this one will go well,Mind you it seems you won't be doing the Arts here in hood town anymore as it's shutting down...Shame!

  6. "It is always better to have no ideas than false ones; to believe nothing, than to believe what is wrong."

  7. Hey,
    I moved my site to Wordpres at this address:

  8. You two are funny! Can't wait to see the show... 3 times! Tell Mark about my DVD sales idea! Its gotta be done! xxxxx

  9. Rich: I'll do my best man but busy rehearsing loads.

    Jess: thank you!

    RE: didn't know that was the second biggest one, cool, keep me posted on your work please.

    BP: it's kinda postmodern...

    Mark: thanks for stopping by man, your blogging has been missed.

    Barnze: thanks Barnze!

    UWL: I'll sort it!

    Eva-Jane: miss you my angel, love you with all my heart.

  10. Doode!!! Long time...

    "comedy based on the pair’s youth offending past in crime-ridden Nottingham that toured nationally for four years"

    that just cracked me up no-end;-)) You are gonna go effing far, mate! Break a leg...erm...yeah.;-)))

    But try and win an award, other than a 25m swimming badge!;-))

  11. me again! You guys remind me of Laurel and Hardy...profoundly appreciated the trailer...

    good luck!!

    pssst: I liked the bit when you were eating raisins; looked like you didn't want to talk to Mark at guys r the bomb. I seriously liked the way in which you took the naysayers -- ie those who turned you down -- gracefully.

    It's a true lesson in humility...and I'd hate to create a pun, but I really cannot help it: you WILL go far!;-))

  12. Maybe next year apply to the Minneapolis Fringe.

  13. Looks wonderful! Great job! One note, if you are able to change it- in your final written bit, it reads "join them on there journey", and it should read, "join them on their journey".
    Looks like you had fun. I can't wait to see it on bbc canada. PS. Don't feel you have to post this comment. I'll understand :)


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