Thursday, 19 July 2007

Coast to Coast Update: Rehearsal Week Number One

The first week of rehearsal is nearly over and an eventful weeks it's been. I can't believe in two weeks time we'll be doing our first show at Edinburgh, the first of 26 consecutive performances!

I feel as if we are ahead of schedule, we've blocked and planned out every scene, ran it in rough form and even done a few stumble throughs. I'd hoped we'd be at this point but never imagined we'd be this far, although I don't know why, Mark and I always work well together.

Having said that, it's not been without concern, the two of us knocking the show together is tough and you get strangely fatigued, also we have so much content to cram into 60 minutes of showtime that we are struggling to find a compromise between exposition and material.

But we're getting there, I have no doubt it'll be a great play.

Mark and I are rehearsing at his home in Oldham on the outskirts of Manchester, which is a lovely environment to work in, especially as Mark and his wife-to-be Jess have a baby son called Billy (2 in August) who livens up rehearsals by coming to play with us.

Billy's presence around the house and getting to play with him certainly turns my mind to having kids myself, suppose I'll have to wait many years for that but hope I can have them with Eva-Jane; no doubt she'd be an amazing mum and a wonderful partner to share my life with. I love you baby.

Another update next week, until then comrades.


  1. In the meantime, bask in your own childhood for as long as it lasts.

  2. I can't wait to see it, DHG! I'll be in Ed 15, 16, 17. I'll be gigging during that time, including some MC work, so come see me do that too!

    B x

  3. Funny blogging actors are ace ... FACT!

  4. We will catch the show in Upton,Good luck with it..

  5. ohh man! kids kids kids! the best thing in life. Only if you know what prevents me from have my own!

    I see you are having fun. I should have been to Edinburgh last week but was held back by the Visa (I absolutely appreciate why the Brits are paranoid these days). Any rate, I got the Visa and although I missed my 5th trip to the UK it seems like I will still be able to do another trip pretty soon.

    I hope your toast to taost trip will do you all the good, but just for the sake of intergalactic planning, where are you in the UK, maybe I can jump in for a drink sometime when I'm there in that darn next visit :)

    good luck mate!

  6. In Minnesota The Fringe is 100% nonjuried. They give each show a number, and pick numbered ping pong balls from a barrel.

  7. Doogie: babies are indeed ace, Nick showed me image of you on your bed with your baby, totally tired. Cool dude.

    Jess: indeed!

    Brod: you got my number, stay in touch please.

    C: thanks...*blush*

    Mal: thanks lady!

    Barnze: can't wait to see you dude!

    Mo: when you're in uk email me and we'll hook up, love to!


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