Thursday, 26 July 2007

Coast to Coast Update: Rehearsal Week Number Two

I can't believe that we are one week on and one week away from our first show at my fourth Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jesus wept.

This final (ish) week of rehearsal has gone very well, as I type Coast to Coast is all but ready, all we need is an audience and that last burst of inspiration to take us over the edge to funny land...or summat like that...


I love the creative process, making something from nothing in two weeks that'll end up entertaining thousands of people across the UK right through to 2008. This is why I signed up to be an actor in the first place. There is so much bluff involved, so much blag, its all about confidence in the material because if you don't believe in it than the audience certainly aren't going to.

It's funny that some weird idea about a talking bee, or why rabbits attack boats, or that Whitchurch is the place where incest was invented, can make the leap from my head into reality. But it has. Cool.

More regualr updates next week I promise as we approach the Edinburgh D-Day landings but you could help now by buying some tickets for our show in Scotland here and if you can't please pass on the link to someone who can.


  1. If you have any questions about the Minnesota Fringe, write to me at the email address at my profile.

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