Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Finnish Football Adverts

These are two commercials that are running over in Finland that I think are wicked, they are based on the premise that UK footy fans are mental, which indeed we are.

The only down side is that for the wedding one I had to pretend to be a Liverpool fan, which is nearly as bad as being an Arsenal fan. I fuckin' hate the Arse but not as much as I hate Leeds United and Man City.

The second one is all about West Ham, who I must confess I have a soft spot for due to the Paul Ince incident and them being a bit shit.

We shot them in Helsinki and it was bloody cold, -36 or summat daft, it was like living in a freezer, the snot in my nose froze and my eyes got all stiff due to the fluid freezing around the eye.

Good gig though...


  1. Nice one..i like the wedding one...Mind you i don't do footy!

  2. Fabulous :)

    So when are we going to see more of your adverts OVER HERE, you big hairy monkey?

  3. Haha, absolute class sir. How the hell did you land that gig?

  4. What are they advertising please?

    My finlandish is not good.

  5. Alreet LeftLion lads!

    I got the gig as I get any other, via my agent and it was a good 'un.

    It's advertising Finnish football pools which is partly based on English results.

    So there you go.


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