Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Free at Last, Alan Johnston is Free at Last!

Wonderful news broke today, BBC journalist Alan Johnston, after nearly 4 months in captivity, has been freed thanks to work by Hamas and no doubt made easier with the pressure applied by people across the world; especially the voices of concern coming from the Palestinian territories themselves.

What a relief and delight, it’s made my day to see the beaming face of Mr. Johnston as he celebrates his deserved and newfound freedom.

But who would’ve credited Hamas with being a key broker in the deal? They flexed both military and political muscle to free Alan Johnston and have laid down a marker that they are a genuine force for change in the Middle East.

I watch with interest…


  1. That man on the right is evil. Evil I tell you. Surely you are not going to believe your lying eyes.

  2. I was on the treadmill at the gym when I saw the news. I started to cry. I must have looked as if I was having a really painful workout.

  3. My, you are easy to convince. Why?

    Ditto, white liberal.

  4. Easy to convince? Explain what you mean please in more detail, is this regarding Hamas?

  5. "..... laid down a marker that they are a genuine force for change in the Middle East."
    === Are you really think so? Amazing how naive can a Brit be.
    Do you really fond of Falsetinian Muslims?

    Abe Bird

  6. Yes, sounds like you're one of those that takes the talking with terrorists stance as a bad thing.

    Please read more books Abe Bird.


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