Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Kids Spitting at a Train

I should've known something was up with these kids, they were experimenting with instant death skipping between moving tube train carriages, slamming the doors shut, effing and blinding making a racket above and beyond the train rattle.

The train stopped at Wood Green, instead of the terminus at Cockfosters and the two boys leaped off and gave the train driver some serious cheek before he pulled off and as the train eased out of the station the lads began gobbing at it, covering the side of it in a thin film of their spit.

I don't think I've seen a gesture in a long while that was so spiteful, futile and impotent.

They waited for the next train by slouching dangerously around the platform, dangling their legs in the way of the next train before hopping on.

I noticed that they were sharing a carriage with a large group of Orthodox Jews and I hoped that I wouldn't have to step in if the boys went for them. The little cowards only opened their mouths when the Jewish group was half way up the escalator, shouting out words that were as empty, meaningless and pathetic as the idea of spitting on a train.


  1. That's the thing about travelling on the underground. It opens up your eyes to what's out there .. and it's not nice.

  2. Fucking idiots.
    I only hope they grow up very quickly. Nothing seems to deter them these days. I'd shit myself that my Mum would find out if id been getting into mischief, let alone get a flipping ASBO. Kids aren’t really afraid of much these days, and certainly lack respect. Some of them, anyway.

  3. Ahhh, but the dangerous, insidious face of racism drops through your letterbox and onto your mat without your permission. Well it does if you live where I live, where Morons United (otherwise known as the BNP) leafletted on the day that the 21/7 were found guilty. The propaganda contained in the leaflet in my eyes was tantamount to inflaming racial hatred, but what can you do about it. The cowards acted with such stealth and silence that not even Alex the Wonderdog heard them and it's pretty tough to slip past him.

    The world is full of hate when it should be full of love.

  4. Its so hurtful to witness such behavior in children. Its also a little frightening to me. I can't help but wonder how hurt,angry,neglected, and unloved they must really be to act out like that. Spitting on a train, angry at the world perhaps for leaving them behind in society.
    Do come visit me again.


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