Thursday, 12 July 2007

Letter to Michael


What's going on brother? How are you?

I remember the baby names we used to run past each other, I was obsessed with Amy but I've been through a few since then, my son was always Michael but no one seems to like that name so I've taken it.

Since I last saw you a lot has changed, pretty much everything, I've got a lot better, I try not to judge no other and every day is about being better. Sometimes it's hard but what's life without struggle?

I'm still your big brother.

I'm still a United fan.

I still fuckin' hate Arsenal.

It was hard to back you but I did it, still do it, you'd be amazed how many people know who you are.

Wish you could bell me.

I'm on tele loads now, you'd piss your pants.

I still think about all the stuff we

I've moved away but I'll never forget who I am. I promise.

All grown up now.

And I got this girl...

Lucky man.

See you soon brother.

I love you,

Great Almighty Gill



  1. Not sure if this is a real letter to a real person, an act of creative writing or a letter to a dead man. You should be more explicit in your noodlings so us folks with small brains understand what you are getting at instead of leaving us scratching at the splinters. Any chance of an illustrated glossary on your site, perhaps?

    The arrival of BabyLockTM approaches rapidly and the whole move/change of life/baby thing has been planned for a long old while. In fact, the last three or four years has been dedicated to the relocation and the change of life. The pregnancy was quick. We were expecting it to take 6-9 months to get pregnant 'cos we is all old and wrinkled, but old Dead Eye Darren hits the spot on the first attempt. I got supersperm, man!

    But I digress. Throughout this time, over the past year anyhow, I've been doing my best to build bridges with my estranged father and my half-sister. I've always been raised to "do the right thing" and I wanted my father to at least know his grandchild because I'd expect to be treated the same way. I've made gestures, I've sent loads of his personal effects back to him as if to say "the war is over", all the letters, photographs, personal belongings are him are his. He said he'd meet me. He said we'd have a pint in London, but that was over a month ago and now he is refusing to reply to my emails. I'd call my half-sister but that would probably make things worse because she doesn't believe of the things that happened to me via his actions. He is "Saint Dad". The Missus tells me to walk away and leave him because he is a bastard.

    I don't know...

    Why am I writing this here? Because I can't write it on my own website in case they read it. I just needed to get it off my chest, if you know what I mean.

  2. Hello again Dan,

    What a letter, I could just invision two brothers trading
    "love taps" back and forth. It certainly hit home with your first commentor, what a release of emotion your entry gave him. I think its marvelous that your writing can do that for another person.

  3. Darren: thanks for choosing here to put your thoughts out there, appreciate it. Take care my good man.

    Jinks: hi there, thanks for your kind words.

  4. You may be on telly loads, but he's famous... Wish I could have met him. I love you Great Almighty Gill (GAG?)

  5. EJW: I love you, miss you, you're rude talking about gagging...


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