Monday, 9 July 2007

Lucky Man (Month in the Summer)

I'm a lucky man Eva-Jane.

This time apart from you while you're on holiday has reminded me of how grateful I am for the gift of you, I love you my BabyJane and I you know what I'd do for you, how I feel about you and the ends of the earth I'd walk to for you and you alone.

Feel a bit lost without you, a bit aimless, you know? My partner is missing, so that only leaves the other half and what use is that without it's matching part?

If I may Miss Willis, I'd like to steal some lyrics to a song close to our hearts, especially at this time of the year; dedicated to you my get me?

"You're somebodies daughter and I'm somebodies son. Could be somebodies daddy and somebodies mum."

Love from my giant heart to yours, always, now and forever.

PS: Have I told you how beautiful you are?