Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Off to Edinburgh!

Well not quite but we're leaving so early tomorrow morning that best to blog now...

We've done endless runs of Coast to Coast today, honing the show to a fine comedy point, ready to burst through the unsuspecting audience leaving their guts hanging out of them like Christmas decorations...or something like that...

Just in the process of packing for a month in Scotland and once again over doing it, my case weighs more than a medium sized dog, such as a Beagle (which for the record is two stone) and may have to dump some stuff once over the border.

This is my fourth time so I kinda know what to expect, although the Fringe can be breathtaking in its brutality Mark and I are experienced practitioners; we've planned plenty of marketing tools to rise awareness and to make our excellent show stand out from the crowd. Most importantly we'll be judged on the quality of what we offer and that will speak for itself. I'll update you lot whenever I can on how it's all goes, hopefully with a mix of hard graft and talent we'll make it big and expand the tour we have planned for 2007/08.

Luckily, Eva-Jane (thank you so much for that post my angel) will be visiting plenty to keep me company and be supportive as always.

Spread the word, buy tickets and think of us as we act our bloody socks off.



  1. I tend to pack a Lhasa Apso's worth of clothing myself.

    Enjoy the Fringe! Wish I could be there.


  2. Best of luck Dan! Go do it!

  3. In Minneapolis we have after parties every night of "The Fringe".

  4. Wish I could make it up this month. But sure you'll lose your socks! Bring the show home when you're done. xx,

  5. Love the phrase "breathtaking in its brutality."

  6. This year some performers are in Minneapolis, from the UK.

    To enter it's strictly a lottery thing. Some of the biggest box office shows, had bad luck with the lottery.

  7. Good luck with it dan - have a great time


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