Monday, 2 July 2007

These Are Some Serious Times...

After London there was Glasgow...

And the response has been sadly predictable, on both sides of the fence.

From the government and figures within the security industry there is more dangerous and unsettling talk of the need to cut back on civil liberties in order to combat terrorism, Blair calling those trying to voice concern at the UK governments infringements under the pretense of protecting us "loopy-loo" which is as silly as it is rudely dismissive.

I thought the whole point was that we didn't alter our way of life and laws to deal with the attacks, I thought that meant that they'd won? Instead of these attacks acting as prompts to question foreign policy and review the bigger picture of world politics, it seems to merely entrench our politicians further and the catch-all response is emitted: "if you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear."

I mentioned the typical response on both sides and a brief search through various left-leaning forums that are usually very politically astute finds the normal tin foil hat wearing nonsense being churned out, regarding it being a MOSSAD job, or an American false flag opp to increase support for the Iraq war in the UK.

The best (worst) ones though are those that argue that because it wasn't very successful or the bombs weren't good that we shouldn't get our knickers in a twist, which is similar to telling a diabetes sufferer to cheer up because they don't have cancer.

I'm glad the attempts on civilian life were pretty useless so far and that the bombs they made weren't very good but that doesn't stop me caring about why they are attacking us and getting politicians across the board to mark a sea change in our foreign policy but I think people are forgetting that we'd still get attacked anyway.

Appeasement is not the answer, a fair hand is but it must be a fair hand willing to form a fist and smash to pieces anyone who attacks us.

Like I said, serious times...


  1. A U.S. hit job? Seriously? Like our government perpetrated the 911 attacks?

    Ochman was right w/ his razor. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one. Though our Supreme Court just voted to limit free speech (narrowly tailored to restrict students speech concerning drug use), the court also backed our free speech in another recent ruling.

    It's interesting to me that our American free speech sometimes isn't possible in other lands--Germany restricting Holocaust denial, for example.

  2. I, too, am happy those guys turned out to be the klutzes of the radical Islamic world.

  3. It's sad but, everyday, the terrorists win. I've always want to travel abroad and see London, Paris, Rome, etc. but not now. It's hard enough going into Mexico and Canada now. Hell! you have to be at the airport 3 hours in advance if you're just going to Vegas!

    Saw your comment over at Passive Aggressive and thought I'd stop by and say hi!


  4. These are not serious times at all - these guys are amateurs. Obviously the "Blitz Spirit" hasn't seemed into your Northern veins yet, dear boy. Some of us remember the bomb scares and the very real terrorism of the IRA, yet it took the destruction of the Twin Towers to put those guys out of business. After 9/11, the IRA realised that they would never garner support from the New Yorkers who raised their funds on St Paddy's Day.

    However, people bleat on about our civil liberties are the same ones who are unaware that they can be tracked wherever they go. Throw away your mobile phone, throw away your credit card, your Oyster card, your NI number and go live in a tree. I'd rather live with a hundred CCTV cameras trained on me than have these animals blow my loved ones away.

    The thing is that these recent bombings have proven that the Great British PublicTM aren't going to take this crap any more and if it wasn't for the authorities, old Flamin' Moe (who didn't quite make it to Paradise and his virgins) would have been kicked to death by those witnessed the events. As one of the security guards said at the time: "Let the bastard burn..."

    Now the thing is that while we can be all middle-class and sensitive about our Muslim friends, there are Imams out there nurturing these people in this country. There are Islamic "schools" using the Koran as a weapon of war to indoctrinate and get this fools to try and destroy themselves. Unfortunately, they'll never win. There'll never be an Islamic state in the UK because I know that the Great British PublicTM - whether they be Atheist, Jew, Christian, Moslem, Hindo or even Bhuddist; we'll give them a bloody good kicking for their troubles. We've been invaded far too many to put up with such nonsense.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to war there are no rules.

    Now let me tell you this... I predict that it'll take about two generations of UK Muslims for this to fade away. The first generation and second generation came to this country and worked hard and enjoyed the freedoms that came with it. The third and fourth generations are the teenagers of the breed and want to rebel. To do this, they go back to the old country and hit the religion. And of course, when they go on to have kids, they'll find their own children rebelling against them and embracing Western ways.

    PS. Did you know that it has been discovered that you can cure your diabetes just by changing your diet?

  5. Amateurs? Hardly, even if a failed attack kills a few people its a few too many and they have succeeded in ramping up the 90 day detention rule, which is a problem.

    The Blitz spirit is as much a bit of propoganda as Fox News and I didn't think you were that old to remember that?

    I'm 31 so I can remember living with the fear of IRA bombings but I was more bothered by nuclear war with the Commies.

    I don't think its bleating to raise serious and worthwhile issues.

    PS: I'm not diabetic but my dad is and no, its not possible to cure all forms of diabetes just with diet change.

  6. I agree with the direction of your post.

    Islamism is a real danger, best fought in an atmosphere of civil liberties and sanety.


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