Monday, 6 August 2007

The Brutality of the Fringe

At last, time to update the bloody blog.

Fourth Fringe and the brutality of this place still takes me back, all the twats, the student companies, the dross, the glowing reviews for famous acts, the deluge of flyers and posters as the carbon footprint the size of Jesus Christ looms large, the petty bullshit, the stench of corporate super-sized 'Fringe', the drinking, the fucking, it's like an amatuer dramatics fresher's week.

However, there are some highlights, such as our show, performing to live audiences and laying it out there every show for the crowd, an honest effort to tell our story, to entertain and to inspire. Thank God for Hard Graft! The other bonus is meeting straight up, genuine people, of which there is a few and seeing talented performers in action, more of what I've seen in future posts. For now, things are going well and the show is improving and taking a better form. When I've time I'll regale you with stories of American stand-ups, Phil Kay dying, Texan theatre, shows in boxes and museums plus bad poetry!


  1. Sounds like the Golden Age of the Fringe has passed. It's getting more and more mainstreamed.

    Nothing fails like success...


  2. Saw on BBC Breakfast News this morning that one `show' is where people can go in to a Catholic confession booth and .. er .. confess. I trust your show is a bit funnier than that?

  3. Life on the edge eh mate..Not allus a bowl of cherries eh?

  4. Someone drop a nuke on Edinburgh and rid the world of these wastrels, please...

  5. We have several acts from the UK here in Minneapolis. Last night I saw a troop of radical poets from Belfast. Before it's over I'll watch about 20 shows.

    I'm volunteering as an usher.


  6. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Your catalogs capture the chaos well.

  7. Oh blah blah blah, the golden age has passed and all that shit. There never was a golden age - this is all just the usual crap - people harking back to a by-gone age that never existed. Heard Julian Clary give his account of his first fringe festival back in 1979 the other day - didn't sound all that golden to me.

    The fringe is hard work, it is shitty for a lot of people and fab for a lucky few. That's life. Think yourself lucky you aren't working on a bloody production line.

    That said, I saw your show. I liked it, a lot. Keep up the good work, and I will write to the Mayor of Witchurch.


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