Monday, 13 August 2007

A Play in an Art Gallery is All Right if You Can Feel it

It’s not a typo; I had another crushing theatrical disappointment for exactly the same reason as the other post, the show in this case was called England and featured and was written by a wonderful artist called Tim Crouch.

The only trouble was it was missing heart and was once again superfluously site-specific; it didn’t have to happen in an art gallery, it was not essential to the space and the words were not essential to the spectator. I dislike works I can leave without some traces of the show being carried with me.

Having said that, after seeing England Eva-Jane and I popped off to see an American stand-up called Tony Woods who we hoped would alleviate our theatrical blues and indeed he did. Not everyone bought into his show but his relaxed style and wide range of material spanning numerous topics certainly made Eva and I giggle and I hope he gets the coverage and audiences he no doubt deserves.

I don’t know why but I like to support American comics and I go out of my way to see them and to back them, I suppose it comes down the great tradition of US stand-ups who have done so much for the medium and the chance of seeing one of them at the early stages of their career.

If you get a chance, either in the UK or the US, go and sample Tony Woods.


  1. I wish there were more American comics doing something worth seeing.

  2. At the Minnesota Fringe they have "Bring Your Own Venue." Some venues included an art gallery, old beer factory, parking lot, and a YMCA swimming pool.


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