Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Baudrillard's Bastard

I've been tagged by Ortho over at Baudrillard's Bastard which is nice but weird, as I've been thinking a lot recently about Baudrillard (and many of his peers) and that perhaps, as much as I love his writing, the style of it could perhaps be a cover for a serious lack of serious ideas and the authors need to feel as if what he writes is a science, rather than lots of hypotheses on various non-issues.

Still, onto the tagging issue at hand! (Some of my older readers may remember that I don't do blog memes and in fact suffer from Meme Cancer but as it's been a while I'll do it, however, I'm not printing up the rules of this tag and neither I am passing it on. IT DIES HERE!)

I have to share seven facts about me 'sen, so here goes:
  1. I am no longer tolerant of religious beliefs and see faith as a large barrier to the advancement and survival of the human race
  2. When playing cricket I bowl leg-spin and bat at number 7 or 8
  3. I'm thinking of getting some tattoos
  4. I am madly in love with Eva-Jane Willis
  5. I drink far too much Coke
  6. I am very proud of my German heritage
  7. I'm not as liberal as people think I am
Lovely. That's got that cleared up and now, here is a picture of a lovely pair of gentleman's slip-ons...

Be seeing you!


  1. I'm a quarter German.... No wonder u don't look cross-eyed, like those Anglos.

    Speaking of religion, how y'all feel about these jokers thinking Shariah would inevitably come to the United Kingdom. I say that's bullshit.

  2. Daniel, your facts are fascinating.

    Unlike you, I don't drink too much Coke; I snort too much.

    What tattoo designs do you hope to get? Where do you want them?

  3. I lucked out not being tagged. I run from introspection.

  4. M: I knew you were cool! It's the Germanicness in you. YEAH! As for Islamic law, no fucking chance mate, not over here, none of that backward thinking reatrd law thank you very much.

    Ortho: Black Flag bars on my right arm and a small heart on the wrist of my left hand. Not bad?

    RE: I hate tagging but Ortho is a good man.

  5. When it comes to religion it is all about your invisible friend being better than someone else's invisible friend, but all right-minded thinkers know that man created god in his own image: mainly to repress and control. While chaos isn't a particular cool way to live your live, there was a time when religion had its place and did good things, but those responsibilities have been passed onto the state and so religion is largely redundant in a civilised soceity. Thou shalt not kill? We've got laws for that? Thou shalt no covet thy neighbours oxen? We have Jeremy Kyle for that.

    Religion is great when people keep to themselves and I have a lot of respect for those who have personal faith, just don't look down on me because I am a godless heathen who already knows that all he is an ever-degrading bag of worm food. There's no heaven for me. Send me to Hell, at least it is warmer down there.

    As for Shariah law in England, that would never work because we are all apathetic. But if they managed to turn it into a reality TV show and wanted citizens to participate by phone vote, you have a hit? It could be called "There's Something About Mohammed" or "Any Beheading Will Do?" Of course, I jest.

    As you get older, you realise that democracy doesn't work and you yearn for a fascist dictatorship to whip the country into a fervour. Yup, what we all need is a world war or an invasion...hmmm, the second Great British Empire - it certainly has a ring to it.

    Note to self, stop writing free-form off the top of your head. You sound like a twat.

    OK - I will stop now.

  6. Darren: you are no twat, great comment and agree with nost of it but am starting to get even a wee bit intolerent of people 'keeping religion to themselves' because I feel that even when very personal, it is still a device by which people hold themselves back.

    Thanks for your astute words.


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