Monday, 23 June 2008

Coast to Coast is Over, Here Are The Highlights...

Back in May 2006 me and Mark Whiteley walked across Britain with no money, no food and no where to stay; with only a show called The Big Adventure as our currency.

It was one of the best things I've ever done in my life.

Then we made a show of it called Coast to Coast which we've been touring since August 2007.

This month marked the end of the tour and as a homage to our amazing adventure, Mark knocked up a greatest hits from the show. Here it is, enjoy and don't tell anyone that actually, I really quite miss it...


  1. That was a cool project. It required I'm sure, quite a bit of trust.

  2. Loads of trust but it was returned in bucketloads!

  3. Cheers mate. This must have been a liberating experience...

  4. Dude Coast to Coast will forever be in our lives, it was the first date I took Viv on and now we have a one year old boy :)

    Cheers Bro

  5. That's one of the best things ever, I'm glad it's part of your lives because it was a lovely show, a feel good piece of work.

    Listen, I'm going to be up in Glasgow at The Citz doing a show in November, if I may I'd like to crash at yours and you can give me a tour and I can hang out with your boy.


  6. Dude you are always welcome to crash, we have a spare double room, I live in Killie, it's only a 25Min motorway trip to Glasgow I make the journey every day. So no probs at all.


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