Monday, 2 June 2008

Eva-Jane Loves Sex in the City but I Don't...

So the idea of Carrie Bradshaw carrying her own decapitated head makes me smile (thanks to the the excellent Cherryflava for the lend of above image).

Eva-Jane however, loved the film so much she wants to see it again...

Needless to see I'll only go when hell freezes over but I still love you Eva!


  1. I'm going again this Friday thank you very much!!!

    And PS.... SOME men don't feel threatened by strong, powerful and sexy women!

    So there! :-P

  2. What am I going to do this Friday?


    Inside I am crying...


  3. I like manly men. If a man told me he knew the ins and outs of Sex and the City I would punch him in the face before running in the opposite direction from his candy ass.
    i stl Watch Movie here

  4. My Mista likes it (the TV series - he's got his doubts about the movie).

    I don't. At all. So, I also get a chuckle from the image. (hee hee hee goes my chuckle).

    If EJ needs to see it again, she can take my Mista along! :)

  5. Yeah, I'll pass on this one. One of my close friends knew Sarah J Parker growing up, but he passes on it too. I just can't deal with such blatant chick-ness. Maybe I'm just not feminine enough.

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  7. I'm torn about this movie. since my son came along, I have to be choosy about the things I see in the theater. I probably won't see this until it comes out on cable. I liked the series, but more for the storytelling than anything else. I feel it's a little purposeless. I don't see what you can learn from the characters or how it has any value as anything other than a romance novel. They're nice when you wan a decent story, but there's nothing of substance.

  8. I agree with you about Sex and the City - never been a fan of it but I can see what the attraction is for those who do like it..

    Samantha was always my favourite character though - very funny and outlandish character..


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