Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Heinz Homophobia

Oh dear.

Tolerance and reason takes another backward step towards oblivion in the UK.

An advert by Heinz for mayonnaise shows two men kissing, which naturally has led to nearly 200 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (not many in the big scheme of things I know but in TV land, this is allegedly a lot and makes it the most ‘upsetting’ commercial of 2008). Now when I say kissing it’s more of an ‘off to work peck’ and the distressed complainers have said things like “offensive” and “inappropriate to see two men kissing”.

These are the times we still live in?

People getting all distressed by two men kissing, how offensive is that opinion? I’d bet it’s all repressed homosexuals and religious types (which could also pass for repressed homosexuals) calling in and getting all hot under the collar.

I forgot to mention the nasty mooted idea that children could see it and that leaves parents with awkward questions to answer, along with where do babies come from and why are we here. Is it me or can you not just say to children that sometimes, men kiss men and women kiss women and that’s all part of life?

Clearly not…


  1. *Runs to the woods screaming "The gays are coming! The gays are coming!*

  2. The Republicans in the US learned when they tried an anti-gay referendum in Wisconsin, it increased progressive vote turnout.

    The young generation has no concept as a whole for homophobia.

  3. It's a funny commercial though. I thought it was quite original when I saw it and didn't even think "Gay" it was just this dude taking on the female stereotype but without being feminine.

    Personally I can't wait for the lesbian Coke ad where they lick it of each others naked bodies... wonder how many complaints that'll get.

  4. Oh and I couldn't resist putting that tool Bill O'Reilly's thoughts on the ad on Lunch-Break... latest news. ;)

  5. Oh, lordy.

    First off, I love the concept. A condiment that turns ordinary sandwiches (like the kind made by a mother) into a deli-style sub--so much so that it seems like mom's a brooklyn meatcutter.

    Wonderful concept. No wonder so many people didn't get it.

    It's not even a gay theme. It's just comedy.

    Did the 'Rachel Ray' Dunkin' Donuts flap make any news over there? Different phobia, same sort of people.

    Luckily they're a dying breed.


  6. let them hear us! write an email to pressoffice@uk.hjheinz.com with copy to butlerc@amvbbdo.com, Ted.Smyth@us.hjheinz.com, Nigel.Dickie@uk.hjheinz.com and Consumer.Contact@uk.hjheinz.com

    i've sent this:

    subject: Censoring of Heinz Deli Mayo TV ad

    dear mr. or mrs. i’m really disappointed, why did you remove the Heinz Deli Mayo TV ad made by BBDO only because a bunch of sick homophobes pressured you to do that? you are endorsing a homophobe agenda and i won’t buy any of your products again until you repair the damage you have done. you have lost one customer, and i’m pretty sure i won’t be the only one. have a nice day xxxxxx

    and sign the petition too: http://www.petitiononline.com/heinz/petition.html

    we are a lot more than 200 sick homophobes, and they have lost us as customers!


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