Monday, 9 June 2008

Lame Duck Comes A Visitin'

Before Bush fucks off to political obscurity, leaving a wake of mangled childen's corpses, annoyed Arabs and religously retarded, backward thinkers in the ascendency; spare a thought for us Londoners who will have to put up with a visit from the git.

Not on my watch...

Operation Manticore.


  1. Can I ask you to update the image you've posted to one of those shown in my post below which more accurately represents what BoJo has written in The Telegraph here :

  2. Not only is Bush's term near the end, so is his doctrine of no negotiations.

    To some extent Clintonism, the cousin of Reaganism is on life support.

  3. Cross-eyed? He just looks like the typical Anglo-Saxon to we Americans. I mean, I thought Blaire and Bush looked like fraternal twins when they appeared together on television.

    Regarding that quote from the mayor, I would say that Bush doesn't exemplify the arrogance of American foreign policy. I would say that he has authored it. Our next president, including the conservative war candidate, promises a much lighter, cooperative attitude, least of all b/c the neo-conservatives squandered our moment as a near-global hegemon, the likes of which the British empire never experienced.

    Yes, America will recede... but not to the back of the line. We'll be the short, scrappy kid ready to fight anyone in the playground... and certainly more adept at making friends and influencing people.

    I do think we should stop killing Arabs but I'm OK with annoying them--because they look funny.

  4. Indeed! You do know that here's a proposed protest this Sunday in London although the powers that be are supposedly disallowing it????? And we live in Freedom and Democracy?

  5. I cannot say how disgusted and ashamed dubya makes me. I'm not even in the mood to laugh about it. Fortunately, I am away while he is there.

  6. Hello, will you pie him?

    I tagged you!


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