Thursday, 12 June 2008

Millions of Chinese Kids Named After William Shatner

Only joking but a great story I stumbled upon about how a popular name in China at the moment for newborns is in fact “The Olympics”, which is brilliant. Other top choices include: “Defend China”, “Build the Nation” and the coolest by far “Space Travel”.

I have some other suggestions for Chinese people looking for patriotic names for their offspring: “Taiwan is Mine Bitch”, “Made in China” and “We Torture Dissidents”.

Any further suggestions please leave them in the comments.


  1. 'Whatever happened to all of those Tibetans' - could be one?

    p.s Liking your new blog picture! Very cool! You look like an....Actor? ;-)

  2. Ahhhh...this is my chance to say the only Chinese joke I know. Ahem...

    "The only problem with having a Chinese girlfriend is that 20 minutes later you want another one..."

    I than' you.

    Your new pic looks as if you've been kicked out of your flat by your girlfriend and you are waiting for your Dad to come pick you up with a van. :-)

  3. "Cheap Clothes and lead painted toys" how's that translate ?

  4. HA! Brilliant! BTW, love the new blogroll. Am *I* impressed!

  5. Saur: you can do it too, it's a new Blooger feature!

  6. that was hilarious! indeed Taiwan is mine too bitch!

  7. It's a bit long but 'Psst? Wanna buy some body parts? We got executions coming up'.

    Has a certain cachet ;)

  8. The Great Chinese Firewall just shut you out! (They shut me out after I wrote about the possibility of revolution/implosion in China)

    Like your blog, by the way.


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