Thursday, 5 June 2008

There Will be no London...

You have been warned...

I nearly got pushed onto the tracks today at Liverpool Street Station, some guy thought I pushed him, when in fact it was the asshat in front of me who did the deed and he spun round and had a shove, however, I am quite an object to shove and the wee man rather bounched off me.

It goes without saying I had a word with the little creature and he ran off.

May his sex organs drop off and his wife be covered in poo.

(Thanks to Rich and Counterwork for the image)


  1. I hope the tube's CCTV cameras caught your commuter confrontation.

    I like the photo of the message sign. It's prophetic. Urban areas shall be the hotspots of the coming civil war as we fight to reassert our singularity.

  2. Platform rage..Bring it on!

  3. That's why I'm glad I don't have to take the subway to work anymore. I live on the same block as a subway stop in a suburb of one of America's largest cities, but I hate the people. They're absolutely evil.


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