Wednesday, 18 June 2008

United Airlines Flight 93 Was God’s Fault

I’ve just finished reading Richard Dawkins “A Devil’s Chaplin”, which I can’t recommend to you enough and one of the chapters really managed to encapsulate the terrible indoctrinated delusion that is religion.

There are quite a few people out there who believe that many of the passengers on the United Airlines Flight 93 were put on that plane by god to prevent it destroying it’s intended target. You may have to read that statement again to fully take on board the terrible, ludicrously tragic logic of it all.

If you accept the basic premise of that, you could argue why didn’t god just kill the hijackers with terrible diseases or stop them being born in the first place and why didn’t god care about the people at the World Trade Centre, why is the White House so special?

You could also argue it was god that killed all those people in the first place, as after all, the hijackers were doing it for him and a place in his holy kingdom.

Of course, accepting that kind of logic is the first step to madness but unfortunately we live in a world dominated by this kind of retarded religious thinking and religious dogma and you do have to wonder if there is no disaster terrible enough to shake the faith of these people? Nothing seems to dent God’s goodness and power, no matter how relentlessly terrible the events are that his followers carry out and are allowed to happen either in his name or not. What does it take for people to consider that he might not be there at all and that we’ll have to grow up and cope with being in the world on our own?

After all, you either believe in an omnipotent, omnipresent God who controls everything or you believe that humankind has free will; in which case God can’t be omnipotent and omnipresent.

All of this wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have an incredibly religious superpower in the United States that believes that Christ will return to earth in the act of Revelation, squaring up against the Bronze Age backwardness of Islam and the most religious people on Earth.

Both sides believe that God will grant them sole victory and both sides are utterly deluded, the destruction and loss of life they’ll cause (and have already caused) is one of the great tragedies of human existence, when will we stop deluding ourselves and make the next evolutionary leap to reasoned thought?

I'm ready, are you?

Let's roll...


  1. Atleast in the US, the fundamentalist movement is divided and shrinking.

    I think Reaganism is dying.

  2. I read Dawkins' Climbing Mt Improbable and The Blind Watchmaker before I got onto his religious stuff.

    You sort of appreciate it all the more.

    I can't help baiting fundies on forums... it's a bit childish but so's believeing in some god or other.

  3. I have read a quite a few by Dawkins, the last of which was The God Delusion which I picked up while in limbo that is an 8 hours airport wait. He is of course, brilliant. However, you can not help but wonder if the image he paints that religion is the root of all evil (yes I know, it is the title of a BBC documentary he made) is indeed true. For that communism kills and is a major cause for cancer and heart disease.

    That aside, now try and convince one of the religious loonies that someone whose name is Mohamed (moi) is not an enemy!

  4. Mutually assured self-destruction.

    "It's showtime." *snaps fingers and points with pazzazz*

  5. Mohamed: I thought of you as I wrote this because, for all my words, I certainly don't want to alienate you and I hope you know that I pass no judgement on you.

    You are certainly not my enemy my friend.

  6. It must be frustrating for a liberal Brit when confronted by the possibility of shariah becoming commonplace in British jurisprudence. I am continually amazed by how many of my brethren remain in the grip of superstition. I am respectful of tradition and would go to church for the right woman (I mean, if she was hot enough) but no degree of mental machination could ever again imprison my mind in "faith."

    I lost my faith as an adolescent, which I think seems analogous to faith vis-a-vis stages of human development. Religion has been extremely useful to humans throughout antiquity but we're now in a position to... grow up.

    Sometimes, though, I imagine many possibilities for a scientific explanation for "god." This overarching consciousness may be something we do indeed create or it may be simply the sum of all of its believers, as two billion followers of Christ form one large super-organism, like ants forming a colony. Consciousness could be something that constructs itself at higher levels than the self.

    But to believe w/o doubt is absolutely childish.

  7. Renegade,

    As I recall, I don't believe Reagan was a religious fundamentalist. :)

  8. Remember voodoo economics?

    Yeah...that trick never works...


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