Thursday, 10 July 2008

Acting Update

So far, this year has been an interesting one for me as an actor, it's mostly been made up of a lot of auditions which I've done well in, (which has been great in terms of feeling like you're getting the chance to be seen, a blessing many actors don't get), the completion of Coast to Coast and shooting my first ever feature film; called My Last Five Girlfriends.

I'll linger on that last one for a bit because this marks a major break through in my career to date, in that, if all goes well with the movie and it gets the success it deserves, it will hopefully launch my career up to the next level that I've been eagerly seeking. And I'm bloody chuffed!

My part as the (slightly) bad guy of the film is not huge (more of a supporting role) but big enough that it gives me screen time to show what I can do and that I am more than just a walking haircut. It also gave me the pleasure of working with fellow Carltonian spaz Julian Kemp, who is ace and the marvellous talent that is Brendan Patricks...oh and the very famous Naomie Harris.
Articles on the film from Variety and Cinematical certainly give a flavour and I've got everything crossed that it goes well, not only for me but for Julian who has put so much of himself into the whole damn thing.

The second half of the year promises more amazing adventures that I have to keep under my hat for now but rest assured, any news will be plastered all over this here blog, contractual obligations permitting of course...

The life of an actor is a tough and interesting one but let no one say it is without adventure.


  1. Wow LUCKY YOU MR!!! All sounds great and I will have to make the effort to see this film when it is released. Congratulations to the Nottingham Badass Actor! ;-)

  2. There are no small roles, only big f*cking actors w/ lots of hair.

  3. Being from live theater in the UK, would make you a superstar in the US.

    Move to Hollywood.

  4. It must be amazing making a living as an actor. I can't wait to finish my grad. deg. and go figure something bohemian! I just like to finish what I started, otherwise I would do it now...

  5. Sara: yes, things are good, hopefully doing show in Notts before end of year at Lakeside so come and let's hang out.

    M: that is very fucking true my friend.

    RE: seriously? Eva-Jane keeps mentioning it but I'm not too sure. feels like I'm only just building rep over here but if movie is a success then that gives me a platform to build on to break the US. Along with every other actor in the world! EEK!

    Mohamed: it is exciting when you finish your studies and are able to explore and do what you want, I wish you all the best in your adventures and come see me in LDN please.


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