Sunday, 6 July 2008

Call Centre Blues

It's been quiet over here of late because some 6 months of creative work came to fruition this week with the performance of two shows I've co-created and directed, the first was called Bridge Night and the second was Call Centre Blues.

Both shows were created in tandem with the cast, both were two pieces of work I'm very proud of, full of black comedy, very dark and challenging humour as well as a nice slice of humanity to keep the work connected to the heart.

It's a shame that it has come to an end now, three shows didn't really feel enough but the performers can be very proud of what they acheived in those shows and it was a joy to be part of an organic, creative process and hope it's not too long before I get to do the same again.

Here's Eva-Jane's (who starred in Call Centre Blues) take on the whole thing.

"As I read the script for the 876th time I could feel all the hope drain out of my heart and it being gradually replaced with a hate so deep, so strong that I nearly vomited all over my work station.

I gripped the headset and began to push it deeper into the shallow flesh of my skull, until it began to draw blood. As I bled I grabbed the the mouthpiece and crammed it deep into my mouth, until I gagged so violently that I was thrown from my office chair.

As I lay there covered in my own blood and sick, my line manager came across to me and said that my services would no longer be required and that I should collect my things and go."


  1. I wish there was a theater, with the Fringe. An anolog, physical building, with a new show every hour.

  2. Indeed, you can't beat theatre and the audience, all those humans in a room!


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