Monday, 14 July 2008

Craig Murray Bullied Again Redux

Craig Murray is a good man, you may remember me blogging on him way back when he last needed a hand to highlight the faux-legal bullying he gets far too often.

And it now looks like he is set for yet more nonsense, facts are as follows and are taken from both Craig Murray's blog, Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads and the excellent Ministry of Truth. Please read, share, make noise, publish the letter below (beware, you could face legal action) and do your bit. Please.

Some background first, the legal hassle is from Schillings who are a firm of libel lawyers dedicated to prevent the truth from being known about some deeply unlovely people. They temporarily closed Murray's blog and many others, to keep information quiet about the criminal record of Alisher Usmanov. And now they are attempting to block the publication of his new book in the interests of mercenary commander Tim Spicer, one of those who has made a fortune from the Iraq War, as well as trying to stop Craig speaking about his views at the Edinburgh Book Festival; a complete and flagrant disregard for freedom of expression and speech.

To fully grasp this nonsense, read the letter below that Schillings sent to Craig and was marked ‘Not For Publication’. Obviously if you publish this on your blog you could be attacked but by all means, share this madness to highlight the stupidity of it all:

Mainstream Publishing Company (Edinburgh) Limited
7 Albany Street

OurRef: SMS/JXR/ww/A131/3
08 July 2008

Dear Sirs

The Road to Samarkand - Craig Murray

We represent Lieutenant-Colonel Tim Spicer OBE, C.E.O. of Aegis Defence Services Limited (”Aegis”).

We are instructed to write to you with regard to ‘THE ROAD TO SAMARKAND- INTRIGUE, CORRUPTION AND DIRTY DIPLOMACY’ (”the Book”) written by Craig Murray and due to be published in September 2008 by you ( results.aspx) to be sold in England and Wales by Random House Sales Department.

We have reason to believe that the Book may contain serious, untrue and damaging defamatory allegations about our client.

Please confirm by return whether the Book is due to be published in England and Wales in September 2008 and if so, the exact date. Please also confirm whether the Book is due to be published in any other jurisdiction, setting out each jurisdiction, together with the publication date and publisher concerned in each case.

Importantly, we require you to confirm by return whether or not the Book contains any reference to our client, and if so, we require you to set out in full each and every reference to our client in its entirety to give our client the opportunity to take legal advice and to respond to any allegations in good time prior to publication.

Any widespread publication of the Book containing defamatory allegations concerning our client would be deeply damaging to our client’s personal and professional reputations and would cause him profound distress and anxiety. We remind you that you would be responsible for that damage and any subsequent republication of the allegations. We also put you on notice that you will be liable for any special damage or loss suffered by our client as a result of the Book and we reserve all our client’s rights in this regard.

We note from your website that Mr Murray is due to speak about the Book at a ‘Mainstream author event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival’ entitled ‘Lived Lives’ on 12th August 2008 at 4.30pm in the RBS Main Theatre, Edinburgh. We hereby put both you and Mr Murray on notice that all our client’s rights are reserved in relation to any defamatory comments or publications made by you or Mr Murray in relation to that event.

Please immediately take into your possession all drafts of the Book pre-publication, all notes, emails, correspondence, memos, images and other documents relevant to the publication of this Book, and preserve them safely pending the outcome of this dispute. They will need to be disclosed in due course if litigation has to be commenced. Also, you will need to disclose the financial arrangements for the sale and licence of the Book to other publications.

In the circumstances, we require that you confirm immediately that you agree to undertake on behalf of Mainstream Publishing Company (Edinburgh) Limited not to publish any libels regarding our client in any editions of the Book or at all.

We require the above undertaking by 4pm on Friday 11h July 2008, failing which we will have no option but to advise our client with regard to making applications to the High Court for an injunction to restrain publication and/or for pre-action disclosure. You are on notice that we will seek to recover the costs of any necessary applications from you.

We await your response by return. In the meantime all our client’s rights are reserved, including the right to issue proceedings against you without further notice.
Yours faithfully

cc. Craig Murray Esq.

I'm with you Craig, for all my poxy blog is worth, hope my readers are with you too!


  1. uhm...I might have to do something myself. I just need to read a bit more as I was oblivious to what is going on on that regard.

    cheers mate!

  2. Must be different standards for libel there in England than here in the U.S. Here any politician or celebrity is pretty much fair game, assuming that you're not accusing them of incest, pedophilia or cannibalism (unless, of course, there are stories that these things actually may be true).

  3. Mo: hope you run with it.

    M@: no deep end, just upset at some legal bullying of a man who exposes hard truths.

    dave: our laws are quite bizarre over here, in that that shift from being quite free to strangely draconian, in that before something actually gets published, action can be taken!


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