Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Daniel the Confessor

Last night, in a bit of a bourgeois day job-real job-life fug, I went with Eva-Jane to meet up with her and her other family and by that I mean her father and his wife, along with Eva’s two half sisters: Ella and Sophie.

If there is anything that can bring me out of my self-induced, self-indulgent and silly state of mind, it is spending some time playing with a six year old small human and Sophie-Grace is one hell of a six year old small human.

First off we played, at Sophie’s behest, the question game, which I play with actors I teach all the time; the idea is you must have a conversation and only use questions; try it readers, it really tests the brain and the imagination.

We played this for some time and over dinner the conversation between Sophie and I turned from questions to confessions, or more accurately, tales of being naughty. It was pretty much one way traffic, we me regaling her with stories of me being naughty when I was a child. As soon as one was finished, she immediately asked for another and promises of my stories were used as leverage for her to finish her supper and take her medicine.

As the evening drew to a close I kept staring at Sophie’s small but beautiful features and tried to imagine what I would feel like if such an amazing mini-human were mine, as I got a little overwhelmed I saw Sophie’s teenage sister, Ella, sat next to her and thought equally what a blessing she is. Finally, my eyes rested on my Eva-Jane and saw a woman that a father, a mother, three sisters, a brother and one tall lad from Notts are very proud of indeed and love so much.

With such thoughts swimming in my head we parted ways, hugs, kisses and handshakes all round and a sense that perhaps, family really is the best thing of all.


  1. If that ain't a load of warm fuzzies! In a good way. x, c

  2. That is serious capital S.

    That game is shades of Viola Spolin.

  3. Back from a long travel to find you in a state of emotional overflow. Nice!

    yep! family is the best thing that can happen to you. Specially when you realize its value while deprived of having on.

  4. C: thanks, taken in the best way and sorry can't make meet-up.

    RE: love Viola, her book is a real 'bible' for working with actors and re-discovering play.

    Mohamed: you've come back at a great time my friend, I have been labelled a racist and Islamophobe, your input would be much appreciated.


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