Friday, 1 August 2008

The North London Patriot

This morning, as I left the house, I noticed a political pamphlet had been stuffed through my letterbox. It was from the BNP, the self-styled 'voice of the silent majority' and made for both amusing and highly disturbing reading.

On the front is a picture of an old, frail lady; a bit like this one...

With the headline: "IF ONLY I COULD SEEK ASYLUM". It goes on to rant (emphasis is mine, to highlight the madness of these bastards)...

"Like millions of other British pensioners, Margaret paid taxes all her working
life. She's a widow now, because Jack survived his ship being torpedoed during
the war only to die of an industrial disease. The days, she gets by on a
pathetic pension and faces a long wait for hospital treatment. The council flat
she lives in hasn't had any money spent on it for years. Each winter she has to
choose between keeping a single bar of the electric fire on or getting enough to eat. It's a pity for Margaret that she can't claim asylum. Just look at some of what she'd get if she'd just travelled a dozen safe countries to get to Soft Touch Britain..."

It then lists a whole bunch of fictional things which people seeking asylum in the UK most definitely do not get, or do get (to a degree) but for a very good reason.
  • All bills being paid - considering asylum seekers aren't allowed to work, basic bills are covered by the taxpayer, otherwise what else would they do?

  • Sent to the front of the housing queue - not true at all, housing is allocated on a points system in the UK and asylum seekers are put anywhere there is space, with no points allotted and without choice

  • Replace the cooker and put in full central heating - I kid you not, utter rubbish, asylum seekers are put in accommodation that has basic facilities, the government will only buy them a cooker if they have no means to make food

  • Given a brand new TV and have the licence fee paid - lies beyond belief, luxuries are not handed out to asylum seekers

  • Government pays to have their windows cleaned every 12 weeks - I'm sure that's what people seeking asylum are the keenest on and the whole reason they come to the UK to escape persecution, is to get their windows cleaned every 12 weeks
Fuck these daft bloody racists! And I don't know what's worse, that people try and peddle this stuff as politics, rather than as the hate speech it is; or that some people swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Stop the BNP here.


  1. As a daily follower of your blog I totally despise your bias towards minorities against your own race! chill!

  2. In the US now, we have a group called "The Minutemen," which is the equivalent. They show up at every immigrants rights event.

  3. Last night someone told me that you need to get a special visa to the USA if you are HIV positive. I could not / do not believe it. I will googles it.

  4. Clarissa,

    from some reason I know all about HIV policy in the US.

    Yes, you need a special waiver because the 1993 congressional travel ban. Not even tourists are allowed in the US if they are HIV positive. Only Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the United states have this restriction, plus two other nations I can not remember.

    Recently the congress attached a lift of the travel ban to the PEPFAR bill which Dubya signed on the 31st last month. Legally the travel ban is now lifted, but the HHS maintains the ban effective, but they are not bound by law anymore, then can lift it if they want! Let us hope they will to remove this discriminatory, backward policy which is a relic of the past and a shame on the US travel/immigration policy.

    HIV activists in the US have fought this ban for years, and there has not been a single HIV conference in the US since 1993 due to this ban. All true information and check them out if you want.

  5. Mohamed: the first comment is a wry joke I presume? Thanks for info in AIDS and America.

  6. I believe that they did change the ban just the other day, though I'm too lazy to google my "facts". Such an occurance, however, would go directly against our government's apparent desire to make the U.S. into a third-world dictatorship, so you may want to double-check me.

    If the asylum seekers have any luxuries, it's probably for the same reason they have them here in the U.S.; because they went out and got a job (whether they were supposed to or not), made money and bought them.
    As I've pointed out to my wife when she's complained about illegal immigrants (she's a teacher in Texas, and so has a legitimate right to), when you come from a place where you lived in a concrete block building with dirt floors and a tin roof (if you were lucky), the crappiest apartment here is a luxury. If the only work you could get back home was sweating in a field (or a sweatshop) for a dollar a day (or whatever), then a minimum wage job is an incredible boon.

  7. Firstly, I hate the BNP and I hate any kind of "-ism". However, a lot of the ammunition given to the likes of the BNP comes from the corrupt nature of the benefits system. Many people, black & white & yellow with mauve spots, abuse the system while many others who should claim don't. It is a shame.

    Personally, I think the benefits system should be scrapped and soup kitchens and work houses should be reintroduced. Get these leeches fixing the roads for payment of a pot noodle and that will put this country back on its feet!

    You will never stop the BNP. I moved away from Loughton to get away from these people, but I found that the people were I am are just as racist - only more so - and not only resent incomers from other lands, but us immigrants from London. We come here, buy their property, take their jobs, etc, etc. I kid you not.

  8. Oh boy, don't be hating on my Minutemen. Anyone who even questions corporate rule is tagged as a racist. Anyone who doesn't keep their head down and asks a few questions and talks about democratic representation is castigated as an evil Malthusian.

    Dude, you just totally reminded me of a story I read recently about BRITISH citizens seeking asylum in the UNITED STATES for a better deal. I don't want to look it up but we have had "refugees" from the United Kingdom in recent years, which amuses me greatly.

  9. I'm reminded of a good film called "This Is England," which I enjoyed very much. Yes, nationalism can be bad and dangerous but... you reach some limits. Eighty million people in the United Kingdom, a space the size of our Oregon?

    When do you start the cannibalism?

  10. As a slight aside I often wonder at the term asylum. Why as an island surrounded by safe countries we have so many of these seekers.

    Perhaps there should simply be an open imigration policy and every one treated exactly the same regardless.

    It's hardly right that someone on a truck from France is claiming asylum from a regime they were safe from at least one country ago.

    Otherwise we would be full of french asylum seekers.

    Like it or not Daniel we are a destination of choice for many freeloaders. Not all asylum seekers are freeloaders buy many head here past many other safe countries on purpose.

    Most of my own english family have been freeloading for three generations. The BNP are wrong, our own freeloaders get the same treatment as the foriegn freeloaders.

    My gran does get fuck all, yet my brother with 6 kids from 3 mums gets quite a lot given him, so much so he has used his not insignificant welfare, classed as a regular income, to actually buy a fucking house.

    If you're fit and healthy, get a job and work for a living should be the overall message.

    Some of my family think the welfare is a right for the fit and healthy to watch jeremy kyle all fucking day on thier massive fucking televisions.

  11. Darren: you're an old right-winger sometimes, esp with the benefits should be scrapped stuff, social welfare and a wider sense of helping

    M@: I don't know owt about Minutemen (apart from they were a great punk rock band in the 80s). As for a Brit seeking asylum in the UK that is odd, as seeking asylum is for those escaping death or violence in their own nation, who was it? 'This is England' is an awesome fulm, shot in my home town and in many of the streets I used to roam but the idea that the UK is full is fiction. We are a nation of immigrants, long may that last!

    Doogie: alright mate! Very true about our own UK seekers but benefits fraud and culture of benefits abuse is a different thing to the treatment of asylum seekers. Many people who claim that title are not actually asylum seekers but economic migrants mis-using the name.

    Interesting though...

  12. DHL: I am as right-wing as you are, yer big cissy!


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