Friday, 11 July 2008

Tackling Knife Crime

UK readers will know that Britain is going through a spate of knife attacks, pretty much one every other day, with London being pretty badly hit and most of those involved are young people, both as attackers and victims.

These are some serious times.

I live in North London, Bowes Park/Palmers Green and if I'm not overland training it, my nearest tube is Wood Green. Today, as with many days over the last few weeks, there has been a large police presence, doing stop and search, checking for weapons and also handing out leaflets about tackling knife crime. I think it's a great idea because Eva-Jane and I are the kind of people who could get into trouble; as we are the sort who when people are rude, or listening to music too loud, or eating/smoking/generally being an anti-social git, we step in.

We don't like to walk on by.

But with the fact that most young people now seem to carrying some kind of weapon, it puts that kind of behaviour in greater risk of being punished.

It's funny, in my day knives were for pussys and considering the daft stuff I got up to when I was a kid I only ever get held up at knife point once and was lucky to not get stabbed as I pushed my luck with the bloke in question.

It was all about being able to handle yourself with your fists rather than weapons and if ever we did use weapons it was whatever was around, stick, bricks and shit like that; improvised violence so to speak. It was only at organised fights between gangs that we might be armed but only then with stuff to beat people with, not stick them and anyone who did use knives was deemed a bit of a cunt, which indeed they are. Most of them have no idea how to even use a knife, which is a blessing but also shows up the desperate nature of it all; it's like grab what you can to defend yourself and all that honour bullshit, when most of them wouldn't know honour if it shit on their mum.

How times have changed.

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