Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Homage Hair for Henry Rollins

As you can see, I've had a trim: a punk rock hair-do by my punk rock girlfriend for a punk rock legend.

Eva-Jane and I are off tonight to see Henry Rollins do a spoken word gig at The O2 (Millennium Dome redux) and we are very excited indeed. We've seen Henry a few times now (and I've seen him loads) and he never fails to disappoint as he regales the audience with great stories, both funny and moving.

Henry Rollins is something of an icon to me, a key figure in my life, even though I've never really met him. But his music, both in Black Flag and then the Rollins Band, as well as his excellent writing; as acted as a touchstone to my personal development and I count Rollins as a serious influence upon not only my artistic attitude and output but my life.

Better get going to the gig, full review will be with you tomorrow...


  1. You look like a true Punk! Is this hair cut for real? You remind me of my childhood! I was a natural born punk.

  2. wow, you went for the real deal instead of just the faux hawk

  3. Daniel,

    Had some friends, a young married couple in Baltimore, that sat me down in their living room for a three-hour documentary on Henry Rollins.

    So afterward, I think I'm off the hook, right?

    They want to DISCUSS.

  4. I think tattoos are career suicide for actors.

  5. M@: that made me laugh out loud.

    RE: why do you say that? I'm getting one today? EEK!

  6. Looks cool dude.... don't get a tat though you'll regret it, never do anything permanant to your body.

  7. I understand why. Would it surprise you to know that I am also a huge fan of Mr. Rollins! We need a lot more like him!


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