Friday, 15 August 2008

I've Got a Black Flag Tattoo

Fuck yeah!

In spite of all the many warnings, I had it done yesterday on my lower left arm.


Well firstly, after much thought, it won't interfere with my acting career because there is a brilliant invention called 'sleeves' and also something called 'make-up'.

Secondly, having a Black Flag tattoo has been an aim of mine since I was 18, because not only do I feel that their music saved my life but it also got my head and personal beliefs in the right place.

Black Flag is not just music though, it is a movement, a way of living, that has carried me through so much of my life and will continue to do so.

Have a fucking good weekend, I'll leave you with a video of the mighty Black Flag in action.



  1. May I add, I just fucking love how much Rollins is into the song.

  2. That's what I tell the Islamofascist terrorists, Daniel.

    They want to take away our rock and roll. But we won't let them!

  3. I fucking love me some Black Flag!!! been ages since i checked out your blog... I'm off to throw some Minor Threat on now, Glad to see your doing well and are happy :)

  4. That's nothing. I got a "One Way" sign tattooed right above my arse crack. I had this done because I know that one day I am going to prison for murder and I am such a pretty boy, I want the other lags to know what the score is in the bumfun stakes. Oh yes!

  5. darren make sure you get the arrow pointing the right way.

  6. what if the part calls for you wearing a wife beater shirt? or maybe NOTHING?

  7. M@: RAWK!

    Smudge: nice to see you here, been long, you good?

    Darren: you are a homo, which I respect and admire...

    Rich: you are an artist, have you got drawings on your skin?

    Doozie: make-up.

  8. dan: i'm a clean slate. can't think of anything that i'd want permanently etched onto my skin other than the scars of accidents and operations - not that i've got many of those, i might add.

  9. Tattoo eh? Sounds cool and Black Flag are the bis!

  10. I got a black flag tattoo this year too. Lots of meanings beyond the band their music and ethic. Also combined a bit of my goofiness with it by doing the logo in glorious BACON!
    Photos can be found in my pics section of the wretched myspace (

    Old Man Mike

  11. Bacon? Interesting indeed, thanks for stopping by Mike, I have a friend called Old Man Rich, are you related in some way?

  12. I've had one since 1988, which makes me kind of old. Few years ago I started writing a book about people with the bars. Maybe you'd like to share???


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