Monday, 11 August 2008

Russia's Mission Creep

One of the dire consequences of America and it's allies response to the terrorist attacks of 11/9, aside from all the dead Iraqi civilians, thousands of service men and women injured and killed, the knock-on effect of increased global terrorism and the ostracisation of an entire faith; is the fact that the moral high ground has been lost (and even then, it was made of quicksand and the blood of dead children).

In other words, as Russia overshoots the mark horribly in South Ossetia and Georgia, the rest of the world can do little to pull them back into line and why should we?

Well, purely from a humanitarian point of the view, the continued aggression by Russia is disproportionate and their bombing attacks are creeping ever closer to the Georgian capital (never mind Georgian sovereignty being undermined), the loss of life and impact upon Georgia is already past the mark but the world seems, for now anyway, helpless.

Not that the Georgian's are blameless, they waded in to South Ossetia with massive overkill and have paid a stark price but the issue of small enclaves of Russians in other nations in the region is an issue that could have stark implications for peace in the Cauccasus and also the re-awaking of the Russian Bear in all it's military might...


  1. I do not understand the conflict there. From my uneducated perspective, it seems to have come out of nowhere.

  2. nop Clarissa. Nothing comes out of nowhere. Spell O I L. I will blog about it shortly. Technically the Russian strike is a pure direct strike at the US, nothing less. Do not forget that prior to the war on Iraq Russia had major oil contracts with Iraq all of which were scrapped. It is now Russia's turn to strike back. The Caspian sea is a treasure trophy, and Georgia is a key passage to get the treasure to those who benefit the most. Russia is back, with vengeance.

    Also Dan correctly points out to the effect of the US's post 9/11 policies which opened the field for such actions by other world powers that the neocons wrongly assumed do not exist. In my country we say "If the house master is playing the drums, it is no wonder the whole house is dancing" and dancing they are!

  3. It's a bit jarring to see it spelled 11/9 rather than 9/11. I was confused at first about which terrorist attack you were referencing. It's like how the French pronounce the name of our country: Les Estat Unis. Not even fucking close!

    The second photo is absolutely horrific and, of course, would make a great point of discussion in a photo journalism ethics class. Shouldn't the photographer be providing aid to that woman rather than snapping away?

    I have a graduate degree in journalism but I forget the "answer."

    The saddest part to me was the Georgian soldier saying, "We killed as many as we could, but where were our friends?"

    Friends being the United States as you cannot count on a weak Europe. Still, I'm glad we don't have NATO there. It's trouble to get involved that in ethnic conflicts. They say race doesn't matter anymore but the fact of the matter is that many South Ossettians speak Russian. Makes me afraid for the day whites are a minority in the United States. Don't want to be a minority.


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