Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Civil Unrest

As I write this my back is fucking killing me, the demands of Zero have clearly taken their toll on my useless fucking body and I've done me spine in.

Luckily, I can walk and talk so the show goes on, as it should but I can't help but feel like I'm letting myself and the rest of the team down; I could kill someone I feel so bad, feel so weak and useless and like I need to be carried (literally) though the show.

But no time to wallow in this bullshit, Zero is a show to do and die for and the early feedback and reviews (will link when they go online) have been great, this is a piece of art that can affect change!

So onwards we go, to cause unrest, to stimulate and to make people feel.

UPDATE: first review is here and jolly good it is too.

UPDATE 2: second review is here and they call me exceptional. FUCK YEAH!


  1. You're obviously not a method actor.

    Get well.

  2. Just be glad no one snuck up behind you and bashed your head in with a shovel, that would suck

  3. Indeed it would, has this happened to you of late?

  4. I came to see Zero on friday night and thought it was absolutely superb. A great piece of work that both provoced and changed my thoughts. After reading Chris's Street Trilogy I didn't really know what to expect, but it was brill! I hope tonight went well and tomorrow does too. You played Tom PERFECTLY! What a great evening, thank you very much x

  5. Thanks anon audience member! It cheers my soul to learn this.

  6. I'm another anon audience member from Wednesday night.

    I was absolutely blown away. I'm coming to the Wolverhampton show and bringing others with me this time.

    I was completely engaged for the whole performance. The cast are very powerful and the script exceptional. I had a seat on the front row and found myself actually holding my breath during some of the more harrowing scenes.

    I hope your tour goes well, and thanks for the blog.

    Best wishes


  7. That's a great picture - did you snap that?

  8. Afraid not but wish I had done!

    Welcome Acumensch.


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