Friday, 19 September 2008

End of Zero Rehearsal Week 3: We've Lost an Actor

Now when I say lost I don't mean misplaced in the cupboard or abducted to some strange island full of polar bears and plane wreck survivors, I mean departed. Gone. Left.

The reasons were personal, not show related, indeed, the rehearsals are going very well, the show is taking shape and progressing leaps and bounds and aside from a cast of five briefly becoming four (our replacement is winging her way to us as I type) we are a tight group of actors making an exceptional piece of work.

Our gang mentality remains unbroken and has developed steadily into a bizarre collection of nicknames that includes: Manbag, Da Lynch Mob and The Hudson River. It has also led to a vocabulary of facial expressions, gestures, fight moves and a world of phrases that is a comforting joy to be part of. Yes, it is one big in-joke (and we must be careful not to alienate our new actor and induct her in the ways of our band of players) but there is something life-affirming about being part of a gang and quite frankly you can't beat shouting 'GUARD' at inopportune moments or our latest catch phrase...

"You're a ballbag Brines!"

This week also heralded a lot of stage fighting and the first experiments in simulated torture, however, the torture is carried out while the victim is hanging by their ankles upside down and I am one of those said victims.

At first, being suspended upside down was frankly, fucking horrible, now it is quite alright and as long as I've let my food go down before I get strung up, this new outlook on the world and rush of blood to the head is a welcome change.

The only downside of Zero is how much I'm missing Eva-Jane and this is the first weekend that I am not returning to London as we are rehearsing tomorrow. So you'll forgive me for using this blog to send a message to her...

I miss you and love you in equal measure my beautiful darling.

I hope to update you as and when I can from the frontline of tech week and our grand opening and if you can, come and bloody see me.


  1. ofcourse you're bloody forgiven! Incidentally, howz the new girl doing? Has she freaked out yet from the strangeness of your gang-mentality?;-)

  2. Wow, you've been rehearsing a lot. Are you getting good?

    I just saw a film titled, Zero Effect. It starred Ben Stiller and Bill Pullman. Is the film similar to your play?

  3. Clarissa: looking forward to meeting up.

    m@: I don't get it but I like it!

    EB2: Kate is doing well indeed, she is joining in with our gang ways.

    Ortho: no connection friend and yes, we rehearse a lot, have to, plenty of pressure to be good!


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