Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tech Week Blues

Just like the world economy, Zero has been experiencing technical difficulties but unlike the world economy, which is fragile because of the trading of money and assets that don't really exist, Zero's problems have stemmed from the vagaries of the MiniDisc.

Yes, some people do still use the little bastards..

You'd have thought that welcoming a new actor on board with only a weeks rehearsal would've been the problem but no, Kate has slotted in nicely and has risen to the challenges set her, indeed, exceeded expectations. The band of actors is tight, ready and primed to destroy all before them but during the tech week, it is of little surprise that the bane of our lives has been a technological one and it is the soundscape that has caused blood pressure and angst to spill around the show.

In reality, the show is in fucking good shape, to be truthful, it's ready to go and what we could perhaps do with is a nod of approval from those in power to search and destroy and do the job asked of us because I have no doubt that we're up to it.

Zero is ours now and will soon be the audiences, as we open tomorrow at Warwick Arts Centre and run there for a week before going on tour (do remember to check in and see us if you can, the show is very bloody good).

Eva-Jane came to Coventry to stay with me and she saw Zero twice, she is not one for unfettered praise but she was in awe of the work and I trust her judgement, thus I am even more excited about getting it in front of the spectators.

"We're on and in it"

Wish us luck!


  1. Minidisc players are the sour seed spilt from Satan's scrotum. My Minidisc story involves me back in the days when I was a proper journalist, like. I used to use a Minidisc recorder for interviews and I always used to do a technical check before I left the house. I also took spare batteries, microphone, discs, etc. just in case something went terribly, terribly wrong.

    So I travel two hours across London to Dartford to do this long interview piece with this guy and lo and behold, my Minidisc recorder decides to just not record.

    "No, I refuse to record onto this disc," it bleeps, "Fuck you!"

    So I changes discs, check batteries, and generally look like a blithering idiot in front of my interviewee. So eventually, I realise this thing is screwed and I am wracking my brains on how I'm going to proceed. I can't possibly keep notes as I don't do shorthand and I can barely read my own writing.

    In a flash of inspiration, I realise that my MP3 player also does voice recording, so I wipe off the tunes from the memory and use this to conduct the interview. Catastrophe averted, I no longer look like an unprepared prick. Result!

    The irony of this is that when I get home, I check out the minidisc player and the bleeding thing records and plays back as if nothing untoward had happened.

    The lesson is: always use solid state. Anything with moving parts is prone to leave you high and dry. Use an MP3 player or even a laptop as backup and ditch the minidisc player. I said, do it!

    Good luck, btw. Not that you need it or anything. You make your own luck, etc.

  2. Excellent comment on the vagaries of the bastard minidisc format.

    We (as in the cast) fucking hate it.


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