Friday, 24 October 2008

The Corn Exchange Newbury: Fuck That Swamp

Just got back from another leg of the Zero tour and it was a tale of two halves.

First part of the week in Manchester, at the excellent Contact Theatre where we did three shows that were either full or nearly full and that went down a storm. In fact, we got a jolly nice review in Manchester with the tag line:

"A powerful and thought-provoking play, as brilliantly performed as it is directed."

But Newbury and the Corn Exchange was a very different story indeed, mainly because they had not only failed to sell any fucking tickets (well, they managed to shift eleven but one of those was Adeel's mum and he's in it so that doesn't count) but they had sold the show on their website as...wait for it...IMPROVISED COMEDY.

You couldn't fucking make it up could you?

What makes it worse is that they were part of the consortium that got Zero off the ground, so you'd have thought they'd have invested maximum effort in selling the show, not only that but they actually have three staff members dedicated to marketing.

Ruth Cadiot for example, who is in charge of sales and marketing, I repeat Ruth Cadiot who is allegedly in charge of sales and marketing. Then there is Imogen Curtis, I repeat Imogen Curtis, who is a marketing and audience development officer (excuse me while I piss my pants with laughter) and they even have a marketing assistant: Lorraine Beck.

What were the three of them doing? Are they ashamed of themselves? Should they be shot?

I just hope Adeel's mum liked it...


  1. Named and shamed! The way it should be mon aimee.... x

  2. That must have been a fun night! El-oh-el, mate.

  3. Crapness Dan. Ah well, the further souf you go, the more imbecile like these places are..whoops, am I inciting a civil war? Chin up and glad Manc went well - Us northerners are the bis you get me? ;-)

  4. Onwards and upwards, a week of Lincoln and Taunton.

    Fingers crossed...


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