Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Even Anchorage Won't Back McCain/Palin Axis of Evil

Before I go off on the penultimate leg of the Zero tour to Lincoln and Taunton, I just had to share the hilarious news that The Anchorage Daily News backs Obama for the top job.


So let me get this straight, the largest city in Alaska, where 40% of Alaskans live, represented by the largest newspaper in Alaska, have not backed the Alaskan lust-bucket but come out in support of Barack Obama.

Can someone please put the McCain/Palin combo out of it's misery now? If it was a horse, it would have been shot by now, converted into dog food and that food would be steaming poop on the sidewalk.


  1. I am surprised at the Anchorage Daily News - I had assumed that they would protect "their own" whatever happened.

    I find Sarah Palin really funny tho. So much of what she says make no sense! She appears to start a sentence and then forgets her point and just waffles with soundbites. And can you imagine a politician in the UK wanting the teaching of creationism in schools? I am sure she has many good points, but so far the opposition is highlighting her flaws very well.


  2. Hi Stephen, thanks for stopping by. I've no idea what her good points are but I appreciate your good will towards her.

    You're a better man than me.

  3. I like to see the good in all people. Strangely enough, I actually typed "see the goof in all people" just then. Fate?!?!

    I'll add your blog to my list!

  4. Even McCain doesn't like her. She is going to work for her own career first, now that it's apparent the Republicans lost.

    More ambition than talent, the POW and the MILF.

  5. Ren: I like the POW and MILF analogy.

    I may steal it...


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