Sunday, 12 October 2008

Zero: Images 2

As promised, more pictures from Zero as I'm now back from York and at home briefly before hitting Kendal (the home of mint cake) and Oxford.

York was intimate to say the least, audience on top of us which in a way is cool but in another way is not so great because the intensity of the show means that as they are so close, it could be a little bit like being in the storm, rather than watching it.

Another note: after each show we give the performance a score out of ten and what is fascinating is that very rarely do all 5 actors and our company stage manager agree on the scores on the doors.

One man's 9 is another man's 6.

Or so it seems.


  1. Indeed it is, as is yours and apologies for mispelling life over at yours.

  2. Stirring images.

    Is the show coming to New York?

  3. Ortho, I wish it was! Perhaps, we'll see, the compnay have previous connections but who knows...

  4. you seem to be having the time of your life Dan. I'm sad I can't make it to the show, although I'm leaving to the UK twice this month, but the time do not fit as I just checked the show calender. Is there any chance you can upload any short videos of the show?

    wish you tons of success...

  5. Great pics! You're one handsome devil!

  6. Mo: no video I'm afraid, not yet nayway, as that kind of bypasses the show and makes for a few copywirght issues and whatnot but we'll see after it's all done.

    Red: Why thank you!

  7. Daniel! Man, you look fly in military fatigue! Love the new haircut, too!

    As regards Obama, I must admit I broke down when I heard he had won!

    Break a leg!


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