Saturday, 4 October 2008

Zero: Images

Thought I'd provide some pictures of Zero for all ya'll who won't get to see it, more to follow once I upload them.

Last night was the first night on the road, in my hometown of Nottingham and we're here for another few days before going up to York. Nice to be here and looked after by the human shaped legend that is the Kirky, hopefully we'll be consuming sherry so we can make ourselves into the future.

I'll keep you posted on that one...


  1. Great pictures there and a nice reminder of the wonderful performance last night in Nottingham. I was well impressed Dan and I thought your acting was superb! I also found the content really interesting if not profound..
    Anyway, it was lovely to have a chat and put a proper face to the cyberworld one..Long may you act!!

  2. Thank you so much, meant a lot and I'm so grateful for you and Lian to turn out, as well as Adrian and Nathan of course.

    All the best to you and keep rocking in the free world!

  3. Hmmm...tasty haircut. I think I'm in love, you beautiful big beast of a man! ;-)

  4. Nottingham? by any chance are you guys there on the 20th-22nd? I will be in Nottingham during this period, and would be delighted to attend some quality theatre!

  5. at the very least can we meet for a drink of the show is finished there? ummm, now I can claim to my friends I actually do know actors :D

  6. Unfortunately not Mo, however look at the tour schedule in an earlier post and see if we are in the same place at the same time.

    We pass like ships in the night...


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