Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Austria is Shit

Very shit in fact.

Not only did it produce Adolf Hitler and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it also has a town called Fucking.

Austrians seem to have mastered the art of locking their daughters in a dungeon and having sex them them, producing inbred, incestuous love-kids.

It also consistently throws up 'charismatic' extreme right-wing, populist politicians and parties that hate foreigners and think that the Nazi's had some good ideas.

And to top it off, Klaus Emmerich (Austria's top political commentator) had this to say when it was clear Barack Obama was going to win the election:
"I do not want the Western world to directed by a black man. And if you say this is a racist remark, I say you are damn right it is...Obama is a highly disturbing development because blacks are not as far advanced in the civilisation process nor in their political progress."
I think we should launch Austria into space, seriously, it's a fucking haven for bigots, sex offenders and right-wing thinking.

Like I said, Austria is shit...


  1. My employer plans to send me to Australia early next year for a conference. They're not so bad. Daniel, I think you should go back to Africa.


  2. You're employed?

    Austria asshat.

    And we're all from Africa.

  3. What's wrong with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Isn't he doing a fine job as Mayor of California at the moment!? He's also married to one of President Kennedys daughters and actually shares the same political views and ideas of the former president. Peace x

  4. You're in an angry mood today! So a WHOLE country and its people is shit?!!? Are you sure?

  5. Arnold is more insightful than most in the Republican Party. You must acknowledge that the bar is low.

    Good post. Take Austria off the vacation list.

    What about for music, food and coffeeshops?

  6. Kirky: what' wrong with Arnold Schwarzenegger? He has a long record of sexual harressment and poor personal politics but then joins the GOP and takes the hypocrite stance.

    He has poor legislative views on crime and gay rights and more importantly, he's a Republican.

    Stephen: Austria made me angry by being racist. Imagine if one of our top political people said black people couldn't rule, I think we'd have a word.

    Ren: if they change the rule about being born in America to be President then we have a lot to fear...

  7. You make it sound as if having sex with your daughter is a bad thing. What if she is really, really hot? Oooh, the incest thing...right, forgot about that. :-)

    By the way, I am a racist now. I seems the people that crashed into my home are black, the car was possibly stolen from London and they were uninsured. They are pandering to stereotypes, so maybe so should I - the white East End racist, etc.

    The local headmistress also refuses to print an announcement in the school newsletter that our shop has reopened (we work by lantern light and the till is operated by a car battery, I kid you not). Why does she refuse? Well she's worried that the announcement might upset the children who were in the car when it hit my shop at 75mph, because they attend the school. Why would my shop reopening upset them? I don't understand, unless they intentionally destroy my life and business and would be upset that they appear to have been thwarted? It's a crazy old world.

    Meanwhile, the Norfolk constabulary are shit. Official! Their attitude was that the whole sorry incident was an accident as the person did not intend to hit my home. The way the PC phrased it, it made it sound as if the 18th century building just leapt into the road in front of the car and got hit. Forget the fact that there's no insurance, they smelt of alcohol, there are child endangerment issues (three kids in the car, one of them a baby) and you wonder what is really going on out there???

    Nothing more to report.

    (I'm not really a racist or into incest. I am just being a naughty boy.)

  8. Darren, it is lovely to have you commenting, what happened to you was shocking stuff and Eva-jane and I were very upset, even though we don't know you at all it still felt like a friend sharing bad news.

    In many ways I agree with you, people have a responsibility to not live up to racial stereotypes, until we can get rid of those stereotypes all together.

    I can't believe the poster can't go up, that is very wrong indeed, what kind of moral logic is that?

    Surely, they have to pay the price for what they've done? How can the police not be of use in this?

    Keep your head up and love to your family.

  9. I'm not surprised. Actually the resume of the late asshat rightwing political wingnut that died in a car accident last month was pretty impressive. Austria is by far the most xenophobic country in western Europe. I would say the second on the list is Switzerland!! They also have a fancy right-wing party, but a city called fucking?!!! nop! Germans are also part of the conspiracy check out the city of "Pissen" ;)

    Are you sure that political commentator said this? did this pass in the media unnoticed or what? I know one good Austrian though, keep that on the record mate.

  10. Wasn't Abraham Lincoln a Republican too? Didn't he abolish slavery in the late 1800's?

    ....Anyway! I think we should launch Cancerians into space!! I work with two of them and they are complete assholes. So I'm pretty sure they all are......One of them is definitely a rascist! x

  11. Yes he was and that was a long time ago when Republicanism had very little to do with the GOP we see now.

    Arnie is part of the current movement that backed war, torture and economic collapse. As well as racist scaremongering about Obama.

    And if you believe in star signs you deserve to be shot.

    As I said, Austria is shit.

  12. Mo: indeed, Austria is a right-wing wound on the face of Europe and yes the asshat in question did say those things.


  13. ....Shall we have a new post? It's gettin messy and my lunch breaks are becoming boring x

  14. I love you Kirky.

    I understand where you're coming from.

    Is is becuase you're a wee bit Austrian?

    New post coming at ya'...


  15. That is hysterical. I have a 'I love Austria' sticker on my new bike. It's in Germany, but still it's obvious what it says. It is, a joke though.

  16. Clarissa, you didn't say hi!

    Shame on you but thanks for your support.

  17. At least I suppose the polite town in Pennsylvania is called Intercourse.

  18. As someone who´s been living in Austria as a foreigner for 25 years, i can confirm that most of the Austrian population is a bunch of primitive, hateful, xenophobic, homophobic, dumb, ignorant, spiteful nazi assholes. I am not sure if there is another people who manage to suffer from this much delusions of grandeur and from this much inferiority complex at the same time as the Austrians do.

  19. Yes I agree with you 100% .
    Talk about a backward place .. no better example than austria.
    I lived there for a while.
    Things could be so mutch better for the poor wingjng austrian , but no if jfs not austrian its not welcome .
    I suspect its a relic from the habsburg same gene pool mentality . All the time you hear "oh austria , were broke " ...
    Ghe best thing is they still think theyre the greatest country on earth ... yes close knit families cause diminished brain function like evefyone is aware of .
    Maybe this should be taught to kids in school in austria ro .

    Austria ...wouldnt reccomend that llace at all !


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