Friday, 14 November 2008

Farewell Bush! Goodbye to the Uber-Asshat (a Photo Montage)

Bush dancing with an African, who says honky ain't got rhythm?

Bush doing a shit on a stage in front of the military to show how much he cares about all the dead soldiers

Small human feels the touch of evil and weeps at the idea that this man could ever be a two-term President

Bush with a tin of beans named after him because it shared his foreign policy skills and ability to lead the world's most powerful nation

After shitting on the stage, Bush rubs his man-boobs against a soldier's man-boobs in order to show maximum respect to all the dead and injured. Rumours Bush had been back on the sauce strongly denied

Bush and a drill which he later used on one of those darn terrorists that want to kill freedom, so Bush killed him before he could take out freedom

Bush once again showing how down he is with the kids by fist-bumping a child, when told this gesture was one used by terrorists the President had the boy in the photo tortured and shot for giving him 'terrorist AIDS'

Bush looking suspiciously at a creature he believes to be a terrorist, the furry bastard was later tortured and killed for giving Little League Baseball 'terrorist AIDS'

Bush being sucked-off by a turkey which was with him and not against him

Bush, always one for the ladies, oils up one of the Gitmo interrogators before she sexual humiliates a Muslim

High on beers and cough medicine, Bush hits on the Queen of the 51st state of America, all he got was a feel of her tit but he said it "felt like the tit of Jesus Christ"


  1. He's really trashed the place before he leaves it.

  2. Hey Daniel - great post.
    You might enjoy this music video which is a farewell to Bush.
    Feel free to share it, post it, etc. Happy NEW YEAR!


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