Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I'll Confess, I Had a Little Cry When Obama Won...

Just like Rev. Jesse Jackson, I wept when it was beyond doubt that Barack Obama has won the election. That a black man would be the most powerful person in the world, that the United States of America, with its recent history of repressing the black community (indeed, the non-white community) and treating them like second-class citizens, had voted an African-American into the White House, had done what no other nation on earth could've done and in that moment I was reminded of what makes America great; of the bewildering contradictions that make that nation what it is.

What a joyful moment this is, for America, for the world, a chance for change, or doing things a different way, a better way, of welcoming America back into the fold, of having a genuine ally again; what a joyful day indeed.

Welcome back America, we have missed you desperately but welcome back brothers and sisters.

On a closing note, I read with amusement that with the truce of trying to get elected over, McCain has at last made his feelings clear on Sarah Palin: "she was even more trouble than a pitbull."

I don't know what fills me with more horror, the idea that she was picked in the first place as a running mate or that some people in the GOP actually back her as a possible candidate for 2012.

Best not to linger on that repulsive human and bask in the glow of a good man being the most powerful man, in the world.


  1. Tears for you too eh? Yeps, sure was emotional for me and I hope things will change in the US and a new era emerges in politics..

  2. Palin thought that Africa was a country (for real). She brought down McCain more than Bush, according to polls.

    Europe likes Obama, but has no plans to send more troops to Afghanistan.

  3. Now we can finally end affirmative action now that we're not racist.

  4. I say government and educational institutions stop discriminating against ANYONE based on sex (gender refers to language) and race.


    You don't have to be religious to say that. Because Bible Spice believed that God wanted her and Palin-drone to be VP.

    So for her, God has spoken. No presidency for you! She has to accept this, if she is a believer and not a fraud. So does McCain. So should the fundies (but they won't, they'll say the rest of America is evil which is why fundies aren't in the White House).

    Thank God!

  6. The problem is it's all a sham. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation listed on Dunn and Bradstreet, you don't elect a person to run a company. The bankers selected Obama, a known good friend of the Rothschilds, years ago when they knew the Bush thing was getting a bit tired.

    It's the same people pulling the strings of both parties, there will be no real change just more words. Less action and we'll all be calmouring for change again in another 8 years.

    It may feel good now but you have been programmed to feel good as a divirsion.

    More horrors and empire building to come people you can't just create 700 billion of new money to bail out a bunch of bankers and not expect deep and lasting pain.

  7. I didn't have dry eyes either. But, I must admit some cynacism. You say 'a good man' -- he's a politician too. Don't forget it. Obama also has interests.


    No more a clown in the White House.

  8. I was indeed elated. To be honest not much will change for the middle east I'm afraid, maybe for Iraq. But particularly for Palestinian-Israeli conflict I'm not optimistic. Nevertheless, my childhood image of America is largely back in order. it felt like the past 8 years were just a passing nightmare!

  9. Sara: emotional yes, my feelings are tempered with realism but for now, best to bask in the glory of America doing the right thing.

    Ren: Palin is verging on the willfully evil, just to make decent people really cross. I hope she runs in 2012, she'll kill the GOP dead...again.

    M@: I'm not quite sure racism is dead just yet, shall we hang on a bit longer?

    bud: thank you and spot on, god was not on their side, that must smart.

    Doogie: you're a mardy bastard, see you tonight.

    Clarisa: of ocurse he is human, mistake-ridden but a better bet than Bush or McCain. We are all in someone's pocket. Good man, better man, I care little right now.

    Mo: it's funny, pro-Israelis talk as if Obama is bad for them and pro-Palestinians talk as if he is bad for them.

    Are they both right? 1967 anyone?

  10. yep...1967 it is. Regardless, I've always wanted to go back to the 60s ... LSD anyone?

  11. I was thinking yesterday about what doogie said above. And I had something to say:

    America is indeed a corporation and will always be, I think anyone with brains would agree. This is not very negative as it may first seem. Corporations are in pursue of self interest and profit, and America is no different. It just so happens that some corporations are notorious for irresponsible management, disregard for employee satisfaction, disregard for the environment, and low/negative community involvement, while others are the complete opposite. Such well managed corporations are evidently more successful. The Bush doctrine represents the first type of corporation while to my mind Obama management will be a responsible management, will provide more employee/citizen satisfaction, be environmentally responsible and provide community service making life better for the employees/citizens. And the community here is not just Americans but the whole world. i.e. America will be more sensible, responsible and less destructive in pursuing its self interest and profit, this is good for everyone.

    I know which one I would choose, since the corporation model is not going anywhere anytime soon. My 2 cents.

  12. So say we all. I bawled like a litle girl. I have felt nothing but repression and fear for the past 8 years. I couldnt help thinking about the frineds I have lost to this awful war, both in death and ideology. In 2000, I was military minded, ready to defent my country with life and limb. Bush's Presidency turned me into a cynic, disappointed in her fellow countrymen and disgusted with her government. I have felt hopeless, helpless, and unwanted.

    But Obama isn't the answer. He's just the beginning. His point all along is that WE, the PEOPLE make his country what it is, and if we ignore what the government does and let laws pass us by without notice, we give them the opportunity to do whatever they choose. But if we are INVOLVED, if we are ACTIVE participants in our government, doing more than just voting, WE CAN change the way things turn out.

    I cried, though, because his election gives me hope that stem cell research will continue and possibly save my sister's life. It gives me hope that I will retain my right to choose for another 4 years. It gives me hope that my school will continue to be funded and can keep my job. Most iportantly, it gives me hope that my students will believe me when I say that they can be anything, do anyting, say anything. What this election does for their community is unimaginiable.

  13. I was happy Obama won, but not crying happy. I cant get that happy until I see him actually do what he was elected to do, and after the disappointment of the last "Democratic" congress, I'm not getting my hopes too high.
    Still, Obama winning is far better than the clusterfuck that would have been the McCain/Palin whitehouse.

    * * *

    @ Doogie: If they are indeed that smart and that good at manipulating us, well...

    Might as well relax, 'cause we're truly and utterly fucked. Somehow, I dont think it's that easy.

  14. Mo: I did acid, it hurts, stay clean and JUST SAY NO! Heh...

    UWL: yes, we have hope and that's the beginning.

    Dave: with you, when I saw Doogie in Glasgow I said as much, if the world was run by all these powerful figures then i think they'd do a better job, its too mistake laden. Always best to get out Occam's razor when in doubt.

  15. Cranky! You're back! How the hell are you?

    Yes, victory!


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