Monday, 3 November 2008

Postcode Wars

This week marks the final week of the Zero tour, before we begin our 3 week residency at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End of London.

Tomorrow we're LIVE TONIGHT! SOLD OUT! in Wolverhampton of all places, before heading off to the excellent Citizen's Theatre in Glasgow and 3 shows there.

Today, I spent some time at my old drama school plugging the show to the fresh-faced students there, who are only some 4 weeks into their training and it made me cast my mind back to the fond memories of my time there. I look forward to paying the students another visit next week to give them a talk on making the most of the course and their careers as actors.

This post's title has been brewing in my drafts for some time, I think it all started when I was back in Notts, bringing back memories of daft lads scrapping over poxy bits of council estates like it really mattered: NG3 versus NG2, shithole versus shithole, one massive human rubbish dump fighting another massive human rubbish dump.

How desperate are we? We've got thousands of young people taking chunks out of each other to defend their little shitty patches of Britain, as if they had some kind of value, as if these ghettos deserve being fought for.

But then I remember, to find hope in the hand life has dealt you, you must give value to what is around you, to make it worth something, otherwise what've you got left to live for?

Unless of course, you decide to get out...


  1. Yeah Dan, seems so futile eh when people fight over areas that they don't even 'own' and yet the feel they 'own' them. I guess it gives some sort of meaning and importance in their lives because their lives feel so out of control in other dimensions if you get me? Interesting post though and sweet for you to be taken back to your earlier memories of drama school and reflect about these things - reflection is always a good thing

  2. Dan--been too long! I'm with Sara on the importance of reflection. Very profound post. Life is really what you make it. We spend so much time in the rat-race that we often forget the bigger picture of becoming the BEST we can be--and not for anyone else, but us, you know...


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