Thursday, 27 November 2008


Thespis was the first actor.

The first person to step forward from the chorus and to speak as a lone voice, the solo voice, while the chorus looked on.

One from none.

What madness drove the man to remove himself from the safety of the crowd and to speak without their protection? Rather than the voice of the people; the voice of the individual, making a clear and present argument without the cover of the masses.

Soon the protagonist was joined by the deuteragonist and the tritagonist and even the antagonist. Individual voices, seperate from the chorus, making the case for humanity, for and against.

This is the great tradition that all actors in the present day stem from, that we owe our livelihood to, that we should aim to fufill every moment we are on that stage.

To be the voice that dared step out from the crowd, to stand up and be heard, to make the life or death case for the truth.


  1. Just plain vanilla madness, probably. Burble-burble. Sorry that was my altzheimer's kicking in ...

  2. Seem to be upsetting a lot of people today. Oh well, never mind. Eyeore always my favourite character from Winnie the Pooh.

  3. I've read somewhere that's what you like to do, which I doubt, as no one lets upsetting people.

    All the breast!

  4. Brest of Bitish to you too, Daniel. Weigh the anchor and of we go ...

  5. I wonder if he intended to create a genre or if he just wanted more porridge? Yes, I am a born skeptic just as you are a born actor. Regardless of his point I adore the passion you convey in this post.

  6. A black girl once told me that I don't know how to act.

    I need to get better at playing myself. It's a wonderful character, my friend.

  7. Spellbound: thank you! And i think the act came from the desire to be an indivdual voice.

    Ren: indeed comrade.

    M@: I'm sure it is and until you can be yourself, you're can't play anything else.

  8. Ahhh, but without the writer, the actor is nothing more than a silent puppet. And without writers, you end up in the seventh ring of acting hell, for you are then...THE MIME!

    So does that mean Lesbis was the first lesbian?

  9. Very true Darren, an actor needs the words and good words at that but you're forgetting the joys of impro.

    Mime is indeed the devil's work as and for Lesbians, the word does indeed come from the island of Lesbos but the lesbian poet who lived on the island was actually called Sappho and that would mean lesbians being known as Sapphoians, which I quite like.


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