Sunday, 30 November 2008

Zero is Over: Tom is Dead, Long Live Tom

Last night was the last night of Zero.

A three month adventure is now over, audiences have been moved/angered/inspired, wonderful friends have been made and at last, this grand journey comes to an end.

For now, I don't feel too glum, although just before the show yesterday I was hit with an immense wave of sadness at it all being over. It's not about being out of work again, because as an actor that is quite simply the way of life, it's about the people, the story, telling a story that was about something, something that profoundly matters.

I'll miss it terribly.

To my fellow actors: brothers and sisters one and all, my love, respect and admiration and a genuine hope our paths cross again.

To Chris O'Connell: writer and inspiration; if you ever need anyone to give mind, heart, body and soul to your words again, then make sure you look me up.

And to Tom: you're a nob but I love you brother death.

Isn't it...


  1. Daniel,

    The fact that I don't wish to hear the Islamic call to prayer doesn't mean that I'm intolerant. I am an atheist. I'd rather hear the call to ice cream.

  2. You and I have a right as atheists to tell anyone with religious beleifs to grow up and get some reason in their life.

    Saur does not, she is a full-on Christian and hence, can't wade in on how terrible Muslims are when the faith she follows is just as bad.

    That was my point with her.

  3. I'm disgraced, disgusted and outraged but what events that unfolded in the past few days! Guys, fuck it!

  4. And oh! i've read your debate with Saur. That woman is a religious wingnut fundie christian fuck job claiming to be a moderate!! moderate my ass! I do not even bother commenting on her blog, scientific study about belief only tells me a nutjob like that will hardly if ever change her misguided beliefs, so what is the point in arguing. Oh yeah! the bible is an easy to read book, with benign opinions about the world. Shall I stone my neighbors over here who seem to do their gardening on the sabbath or do you prefer to stone them yourself?


  5. Mohamed: thanks for your comments, your rage is justified, both in light of the recent atrocities and also by the pointless and idiotic debate I am engaged in over at Saur's place.

    I refuse to back down though and will continue to challenge, she has a right to think whatever defective things she wants but she doesn't have the right to position herself as a moderate when her beliefs are not at all moderate.

    Cake and eat it me thinks...


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